Tiger and Mcllory to appear together on The Tonight Show


Something is going to happen this Monday on the 18th of August when Tiger and Mcllory to appear together on The Tonight Show!! Yes, this may blow up your mind for sure as two of the current golf legends in Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllory will be seen together on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ on coming Monday. This has been reported by ESPN’s Bob Harig.

The actual occasion, it has been learnt, is to show their affiliation with Nike the sports company with which both of them are having very lucrative contracts and both are scheduled to appear at the Liberty National in the Jersey City, New Jersey where last year’s Barclays tournament was held.

Not much has been written about these two titans’ off the field relationships, whether they are joyful and good or not so joyful and not so good. Do they exchange pleasantries or not? They did exchange few jibs while talking with the media in the past, but always have been good persons on the field when they appear for a joint photograph and shows that nothing is wrong between them.

It will matter less whether the meeting on ‘The Tonight’s Show’ goes good or bad or even ugly the expectations are already high. As Rory Mcllory is considered to be the hottest golfer both on and off the course and he has just won three tournaments on the trot. Apart from these three, two of them are majors. On the other hand Tiger Woods is despite being a legend already, is struggling and has faced some of the disastrous performances off late. If this is not enough, he is also feeling well and has just withdrawn from the USA Ryder Cup team. He will remain off the course till December.

It is really great on the Tiger’s part that he agreed to come on the show along with Rory as there is always going to be a comparison between him and Rory based on their current form. It should be a good stage for both of these legends as Fallon is known to throw easy questions to his guests and both of them should feel comfortable with each other and of course with Fallon.

All in all it is going to be a show worth watch, so don’t miss it!

Picture Courtesy: Getty Images North America


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