Its time to Grow Up, says Bubba Watson


Bubba Watson known for some of the best golf he has played over the years. But at the same time Bubba Watson is also known for being short tempered both on and off the golf courses. Not only that, he has some tense moments with his caddie as well. There are many golf pundits around the world have always pointed out that Bubba Watson must come over his anger as soon as possible and that will only make him an even better player than what he is currently. It seems that at least now Bubba Watson has given his ears to such advice and we may find a different kind of Bubba Watson in the near future.

On 5th November, Bubba Watson turned 36 and he has finally said that it is now time to ‘grow up’!! Bubba Watson was speaking to the reporters at the WGC – HSBC Champions in Shanghai. Bubba Watson, surprisingly said that he loves when the media persons or his friends point out at his bad behavior and anger because, as per him, that is the only way he can improve as a person. He said that his fiercest critic is none other than his mother, Molly.

Bubba Watson in a lighter mood, said that his mother always tells him that he is not good. She advises him to smile more and not to get angry much. Same the way the media people tell him. Then he added that she (his mother) could write someday for media as well.

It is always a curious case to study that despite Bubba Watson has won two masters and is always been a darling at most of the PGA Tour events he is participating, he still has a reputation of being a poorly behaved person.

But fans are not to be blamed as he has shown such behavior in past, like scolding his caddie Ted Scott at the 2013 Travelers when he hit a poor tee shot. Later he admitted his poor behavior and apologized for it as well and also skipped the log drive competition despite being the best hitters in the golfing history.

But now it seems he is ready to take the criticism from the press and he knows that by taking good criticism he can only improve as a human being, improve as a husband and also improve as a dad. He said that criticism is not a punishment; it will only help to improve your life.

Good going Bubba, our best wishes are with you, hope you have improved 2015 both on the golf course and with your temper as well!