Top 5 Bungee Jumping locations of the world


If you love to ‘Bungee’ then here are the top 5 places which you should not miss.


Victoria Bridge Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Bridge Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Bridge Falls is at 364 feet (or 110.95 meters) and it overlooks the Zambezi River. The bridge is 107 years old and it is the second most visited tourist destination in Zimbabwe, first being the fall itself. The authorities here allow everyone and almost anyone to do a Bungee Jump here. Only you need to sign and register here. Even after the registration, if you feel that you don’t want to jump, the money will be refunded.

Verzasca Dam, Val Verzasca, Switzerland


This dam has a height of 721.78 feet (or 220 meters), it took five years to build it. The dam featured in the James Bond 007 movie ‘Golden Eye’ and mind you that jaw dropping bungee jump in the movie was done by Pierce Brosnan’s body double Wayne Michaels. Bungee Jumping here is very risky hence following expert advice always when you try to Bungee Jump from Verzasca Dam

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Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, Canon City, Colorado

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, Canon City, Colorado

This bridge was built in 1929 to attract tourist. Forget Bungee Jumping many would not even like to walk on this bridge. The bridge looks down at 956 feet below (or 291 meters). The Bungee Jump on this bridge has a free fall of 10 seconds before the elastic cord takes over and rebound you.

Bhote Kosi River Bridge, Nepal


This bridge looks down at the KosiRiver from 524.93 foot (or 160 meters) which is Nepal’s first bungee jumping site. It is just like a narrow steel walkway. If you are visiting Nepal then take a three hours drive for this experience of a lifetime. This bridge can offer you world’s longest free fall dive.

Macau Tower, China

Macau Tower, China

Macau Tower in China is the longest bungee jump site of the world. It has a height of 764 feet (or 233 meters) The total size of the bungee jump is about two and a half football fields, so you can imagine the thrill part of it. The jumper accelerates to a top speed of 124.27 miles (or 220 kilometers) an hour and then the elastic chord stretches the jumper to 164.04 feet (50 meters)! Awesome stuff!


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