When you are talking about Ryder Cup, which has a history of over 100 years of existence, it is very difficult to find the top 5 players out of it. But still we have tried our best to find the Top 5 US Players in Ryder Cup ever. Yes the chances may be that our list may not necessarily matches yours, but these are the players who have given their best in Ryder Cup and that is why they are considered the best, not only inside the Ryder Cup but also out of it as well.

Top 5 US Players in Ryder Cup Ever

Here are the top 5 US players in Ryder Cup who have been legends otherwise too. But playing for your country and a team makes all the difference. Take a look at these gentlemen who have made their country proud.

No. 5 Larry Nelson

Larry Gene Nelson, who had even served the US Army during the Vietnam war was the three time major winner also. He also was the Captain of USA in Ryder Cup. He is the only player who has won five out of five in the singles in 1979 Ryder Cup. The only sad part of it that he could play maximum 5 games only. He repeated this feat in 1981 when he won four singles out of four. Quite otherwise, he was ruthless on the golf course when playing for his country.

No. 4 Billy Casper

Billy Casper is known as one of the most prolific golfers in the PGA circuit and he is a record holder at Ryder Cup as well. Casper is amongst the highest points scorer for the Team US in the tournament with 23 ½ . Billy Casper played in eight Ryder Cup matches and never lost. He is also a Ryder Cup winning captain as well.

No. 3 Jack Nicklaus

Any list on ‘golfing bests’ will be not completed if the name Jack Nicklaus is not included and Ryder Cup is no exception. Jack Nicklaus has been one of the most prominent players of Ryder Cup for the Team US, but the major quality of his was that he could transfer his individual form into his teammates. His famous concession of the put to Tony Jacklin in 1969 is the best moment for Jack Nicklaus.

No. 2 Lanny Wadkins

With 86 weeks continuous in the top 10 Golfers Rankings from 1986 to 1988, Lanny Wadkins was certainly a force in Ryder Cup. Wadkins has scored 21 ½ points in his 9 Ryder Cup appearances. His control over his nerves was impeccable, which allowed him to win the 1983 win even when he was one down.

No. 1 Arnold Palmer

One of the legends of golf who can sit side by side with Nicklaus any day. He used to be called ‘King’ and he played in 6 Ryder Cups and won most of the matches he played (22 in total). Sadly during his time team USA was never been challenged by the Team UK. But that doesn’t reduce any importance of his Ryder Cup performances.


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