Top Golf Club Brands: These Three Golf Club Brands are the First Choice of the Top Golfers


For someone who has just felt amazed by golfers hitting the Golf Balls around the park must have thought at least for the ones that do these golf clubs come with a brand name and are these rich and famous golfers care about such brands of golfing clubs? And the answer is a big YES! Check these top golf club brands.

Like any other sports which are played with prop golf too has branded golf clubs and golf balls. Even if you are a beginner in golf you should go for a branded golf clubs only and that too purchased from a reputed golf accessories store of your town. The golfing greats certainly carry likes for a particular brand over the years and as per our research three brands are at the top hands down. Like to know which are these brands? Then here they are….

Taylor Made

Taylor Made Golf Clubs

‘Taylor Made’ brand was established in 1979 and now its products are accepted and highly regarded across the world. The founder and owner of ‘Taylor Made’, Gary Adams, introduced the first ever metal woods in the year 1978. Currently, Taylor Made is using some of the newest woods, which is called the Flight Control Technology. This technology as per the ‘Taylor Made’ technical team, helps the golfers for a better shot shaping ability with the multidimensional adjustments as well.

Famous golfers who use ‘Taylor Made’ golfing clubs are: Ryan Palmer, Dustin Johnson, Martin Kaymer and Paula Creamer.


Callaway Golf Clubs

Well, if you have heard of the Callaway Vineyards then you got to be aware or Ely Callaway, who is actually a winemaker, but then he has started the golfing brand on his own name called ‘Callaway’. The brand was raised from the Callaway Vineyards profits and it has started to spread really fast across the golf playing nations. It has also taken over the renowned golfing brand called Ben Hogan Golf. Not only in golf clubs, Callaway also produces one of the finest putters like Odyssey and Flight golf balls.

Top golfers who use ‘Callaway golf clubs are Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els.


Ping Golf Clubs

One of the most established and most popular golf club brands is Ping. The brand name ‘Ping’ actually is derived from the sound which comes when the original putter is struck. Today, the Ping brand may be is most famous and loved across the golfers, but they were hit by a controversy too during the mid and late 1980s. Actually, Ping produced Ping Eye 2 golf clubs which had a square-grooved club face and hence it was ruled illegal on the PGA Tour. Later they were withdrawn and today no golf club maker produces such square-grooved club.

Top golfers who use ‘Ping’ golf clubs are: Hunter Mahan and Bubba Watson


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