Tug of War the Game We All Like to Play


Not only when we were kids or when we were in school, Tug of War was the game we all like to play even today. It is fascinating to know that this ancient game has roots in almost all the continents and they had a similar starting date as well. Be it Asia or Europe or Africa, Tug of War is one of the most popular games not only among the kids but also among the adults as well.

While going through certain documents and websites, we have found out that Tug of War was first played in the 16th century and it was first documented in the 20th Century. Tug of War is basically a team sport but it is not played by mixed genders and there are separate competitions for both males and females. There is even an international governing body called Tug of War International Federation exists which regulates and keeps the records of the game. Not only this, the Tug of War was actually part of the Olympics too from 1900 to 1920.

Ancient Origins of Tug of War

Nobody actually knows that since which date the game of Tug of War has started. But it is mentioned in most of the ancient books of Egypt, Greece, China, and India. In Indian mythology, it is even mentioned that Sun and Moon played the Tug of War to decide their supremacy over the darkness. Tug of War is still popular among certain festivals in the UK, the rest of Europe, India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

Formal Rules of Tug of War

It is an ‘eight a side’ game as per the international rules and regulations set by the International Tug of War Federation. The weighted pack for both sides is pre-decided so that one side does not get an undue advantage because of it. Both the teams then get aligned with the two sides of a rope which has an approximately 11-centimeter circumference. The rope has a mark of a ‘center line’ and further, there are two markings of four meters on either side of the center line. When the team starts to pull the rope and when that 4-meter mark crosses the centerline the other team wins the round.

This kind of uninformed ‘Tug of War’ is not that popular in the Asian countries, but it certainly needs to be populated for sure. If Kabaddi can go professional why not Tug of War?


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