Types of Aggressive Inline Skating


In our previous article we got the general information about the Aggressive Inline Skating. Now it’s time to know about different types of Aggressive Inline Skating and here they are.

Types of Aggressive Inline Skating

There are three types of Aggressive inline skating they are Street, Park and Half Pipe.



The other name of street skating is freestyle skating. In this version the skater performs his/her tricks by using the features exists in a common or our routine environment. In this version the skater involves himself or herself in grinding the hand rails and the concrete ledges on the streets. The skater also performs jumping on the stairs or ramping off the embankments. All in all the Skater uses all the obstacles available  on the regular street. To gain more points creativity has given the utmost importance in this style of inline skating. Standard or regular maneuvers will have less appreciation than a performers own creation of link tricks with uniqueness. All in all it may be an adventure sport, but it also needs a huge application of mind as well.


We have seen people performing various activities in a community skate park. This is where this style of inline skating differs from the street skating. Over here there is a specification which is visible and was not available when you perform in the street. Here the skaters know how the skate park is designed and according to that they perform their skills. Over here the technical side of the inline skating rules more than the normal creativity of an inline skater. One more thing which differentiates the Park inline skating with the Street inline skating is that over here the skater enacts plenty of skating skills, but at the same times he/she also connects them smartly that it looks a one performance! Quarter and half pipes are two popular versions of Park inline skating. Having properly marked lines on the Skate Parks make life easier for the skaters.

Half – pipe

If you have seen X Games on your TV then you probably will know how the Half pipe inline skating works. In this the skater jumps high in the air, then rotates his or her body in different ways. Rotations and grinding tricks are some of the most popular types in the Half pipe inline skating. Half pipe is getting popular now and it already has its own superstars as well.