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All about UEFA Euro 2016

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The Euro Football Championships conducted and overseen by the UEFA is probably the next biggest football tournament of the world after the FIFA World Cup. The UEFA European Championship 2016 which is fondly called Euro 2016 will be the 15th such championship in the men’s football teams to compete between various European nations. The tournament is organized by UEFA and it is going to be hosted by France. The competition is scheduled to be played from 10th June to 10th July 2016. Let us know more about this excellent competition.

All about UEFA Euro 2016

All about UEFA Euro 2016France is going to host the tournament so the French will call the Euro 2016 as Championnat d’Europe de football 2016! The official UEFA Euro 2016 logo is called ‘Le Rendez-Vous’ in French. For the first time there will be 24 teams all across the European continent to participate in this tournament. The competition was last expanded to 16 teams way back in 1996. As a host France has already been qualified for the competition by default and the rest of the 53 football-playing nations under UEFA are currently going through a qualifying competition between them. This qualifying competition has started from September this year and will continue till November 2015. These 53 teams are trying to get their places in the final 23 spots available for the tournament.

Among those running for the qualification are the back to back defending champions Spain and Gibraltar who are making their debut in UEFA Euro Championship qualifiers.

How France Won the Bidding for Euro 2016

Bids were invited to host the Euro 2016 by UEFA in 2009. Four nations filed their bids before the deadline of 9th March 2009. These four countries were Italy, Turkey, Norway-Sweden joint bid and France. In December 2009, Norway and Sweden decided to withdraw their bid. Hence on 28th May 2010 the voting took place to decide the host for the Euro 2016.

In the first round of the voting each 13 members first decided to give the ranking to the each bidder. In this round France got 43 points, Turkey got 38 points and Italy was able to get 23 votes. Then in the second round all those 13 members gave vote to decide the final hosts for the Euro 2016 and in this voting France defeated Turkey by a very thin margin of 1 vote (7 votes to 6 votes).

All about UEFA Euro 2016 – Part II

We discussed about the basic details for the European Football Championship or Euro 2016 in our last article. We also came to know that the tournament is held every four years and it is organized by UEFA – The Union of European Football Association. The Euro 2016 will be played from 10th June to 10th July that year and in our last article we also let you know that how the hosts France won the bid to host the tournament in 2010. Now let us know more about the tournament in this second episode of our article series of Euro 2016. In this article we will discuss about the qualification process and the venues decided for the tournament.

How the Teams will qualify for the Euro 2016

On 23rd February, 2014 the qualification draw for the Euro 2016 was taken place at Palais des Congres Acropolis in France’s city of Nice. The qualification matches for the Euro 2016 have already started from September this year. This year remember, as we discussed in our first article 24 teams are participating and hence the middle ranked teams of the European continent have a better chance to qualify in the tournament then in the past.

Total 53 European teams will fight for the remaining 23 places for the Euro 2016 as France has already qualified by default as a host. The seeding for the draw of qualification were based of UEFA national team coefficients with the Euro 2012 champions Spain and France are automatically got the top seeds. 53 teams are divided in 8 groups of six teams each and one group has 5 teams. The Group Winners, Runners Up and the Third Placed Team (win against the sixth placed group will not be considered) will qualify directly for the tournament. The eight remaining teams at third placed teams will play in two legged playoffs and they will take four remaining qualifiers with them to the Euro 2016.

Venues for the Euro 2016

  • Saint-Denis: Stade de France – Capacity: 81, 338
  • Marseille: Stade Velodrome – Capacity: 67, 500
  • Lyon: Stade des Lumieres – Capacity: 58, 215
  • Lille: Stade Pierre-Mauroy – Capacity: 50, 186
  • Paris: Parc des Princes – Capacity: 47, 000
  • Bordeaux: Stade Bordeaux Atlantique – Capacity: 42, 052
  • Saint-Etienne: Stade Geoffroy  Guichard – Capacity: 41, 965
  • Nice: Allianz Riviera – Capacity: 35, 624
  • Lens: Stade Felix-Bollaert – Capacity: 38, 223
  • Toulouse: Stadium Municipal – Capacity: 33, 300

All About Euro 2016 – Part III

All about UEFA Euro 2016After discussing the basics about the UEFA Euro 2016 Championships in the first article and then about the rules and regulations about the team qualification and about the venue, now its time to know about the last few things which are remained to be understood by every football fan around the globe about Euro 2016. These few things are about the tournament format and how the teams will proceed in the entire tournament plus about the mascot and logo along with the sponsor’s details. So let’s know the final remaining details about Euro 2016 in this article and have a complete know how about Euro 2016 from one place, which is… Sportycious.

Format of the UEFA Euro 2016

As we have already discussed that the number of teams are increased from 16 to 24 and thus there will be an extra round of a knockout game. There will be six groups, A to F and each group will have four teams each. The top two teams will go forward in the knockout group. But over here as per new format the four best ranked no 3 teams will also progress to the knockout round and then there will be quarter finals, semi finals and the big final. There will be 51 games in total to be played over a period of 31 days in the UEFA Euro 2016.

In the event of more than one team are equal at the end of the first round and even at the end of the knockout rounds, then there are certain tie breaker rules also applied. There are also rules about those four best ranked number three teams as well.

Logo, Slogan and Sponsors for the UEFA Euro 2016

The official logo for the UEFA Euro 2016 was inaugurated on 26th June at the Pavilion Cambon Capucines in Paris. The logo was conceived by a Portuguese agency called Brandia Central. It has the Henri Delaunay trophy with the French flag in red and white colours.

On 28th October, UEFA announced the official slogan for the tournament, ‘Le Rendez-Vous’. In other words, the UEFA is sending out a message to the football fans around the world to come and enjoy the France as a country when football is played around.

Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Continental, Hyundai-Kia, McDonald’s and SOCAR are the official sponsors for the UEFA Euro 2016.

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