All You Want to Know about Beach Rugby


If we can have a sport called Beach Volleyball, Beach Soccer and Beach Cricket, why can’t we have a Beach Rugby? Yes, we certainly can have Beach Rugby and such game does exist on this planet. But it is yet to be regulated and it has not been recognized by the highest Rugby authority of the world, the World Rugby (formerly IRB – International Rugby Board). Beach Rugby is very common across the European continent and in particular it is very much popular in Italy. Since the Beach Rugby is not regulated by any institution the game is played casually and with different rules at different places. Including size of the playing area, rugby ball etc. Beach Rugby is played with far fewer players than it is in the main Rugby game. The 7 player rugby game is popular also in the Texas area of USA. A beach rugby tournament is also played on the Fort Myer Beach in Florida during the last weekend of July. Let us know more about Beach Rugby

All You Want to Know about Beach Rugby

As we have already mentioned earlier that there are not set rules for Beach Rugby but we have found out some common ground in some the rules, so let us know about them

  • The playing area of the beach rugby has been decided by the organizers just before the start of the game or a tournament, but generally it is found that the beach rugby field is 30 to 50 meters long, 20 to 35 meters wide and the in goals are 3 to 7 meters deep. Lines are marked with a tape or rope.
  • The number of players participating in each team varies from 4 to 7 depending on the tournament rules. Sometimes even 3 players are also allowed.
  • A standard Rugby ball is used here also but mostly the above youth level rugby ball is used which has small dimples on it so that it can be handled in a better way.
  • Every try in beach rugby is awarded with one point. A sudden death extra time is also given if there is a situation of a tie at the end of the match. The Italian way of scoring points are different than others as it is based on different areas marked on the field.
  • Each half consists 5 to 7 minutes with 1 to 3 minute break in between. The total length of the game is pre decided by the organizers.


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