All you want to know about Field Hockey


People often get confused with Ice Hockey and Field Hockey as the same game with the only difference being the surface that the game is played on. But they are actually different games that come with different set of rules. Sportycious has already described Ice Hockey and National Hockey League, and now its time to know all about Field Hockey.

About Field Hockey

The game of Field Hockey is also a part of the hockey family like the Ice Hockey is, but it is played in an entirely different manner. The roots of Field Hockey are found in Scotland and Netherlands. The highest governing body of Field Hockey is the International Hockey Federation or the IHF. The Field Hockey is also known as Grass Hockey or simply ‘hockey’. A team of hockey consists of 11 players and it can be played both indoors and outdoors. To play the game of Field Hockey, various equipments like hockey stick, hockey ball, shin guards, mouth guards, specially made helmets and many others are required.

Rules of Field Hockey

The game of hockey is played either on grass field or on a turf. There are two teams and each team plays with 11 players. The players use the wooden hockey stick to pass the ball to their team mates in order to score a goal. The player scores goal directly by posting the ball inside the goal post or by taking advantage of a corner, a penalty stroke or a penalty corner awarded by the referee when necessary.

Popularity of Field Hockey

Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan. The game of Field hockey has become very popular in all parts of Western Europe and Indian subcontinent. Although it is not official, but Hockey became so popular in India that people started knowing it as India’s National sport. The game is also popular in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Korea, Malaysia and Argentina. The name ‘Field Hockey’ actually came from the USA and Canada, where Ice Hockey is far more popular.


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