All You Want to Know About Freediving


Today we have brought an extreme sport called Freediving. It is an underwater diving form which actually is an adventure sport, but also used as a recreational sport as well. Let us know more about this ‘Freediving’ in detail.

All You Want to Know About Freediving

Freediving is an adventure sport which is played mainly in a swimming pool, but there are some Freediving enthusiasts who do  the Freediving in deep sea as well. You can very much relate Freediving with any aquatic sport. There are many categories in freediving like competitive freediving, non competitive freediving, mermaid shows and freediving photography. These are more known styles of freediving. But there are also some freediving formats which are not that known to the people and they are, underwater rugby, synchronized swimming, underwater hockey, underwater Spearfishing, underwater hunting, snorkeling and target shooting. Some of the freediving enthusiasts also take those animals also with them also who can easily swim in deep waters such as an elephant. Taking bicycle and motorbikes while having a feediving is also not new these days. All in all freediving is all about the breath holding inside the water.

How the Freediving Started?

In the ancient times to get the food and harvesting resources like sponge and pearl or to search for the sunken valuables along with the help to the military campaigns, there was a need for divers who can dive deeply into the sea. But because there were very less equipments to cater the divers, the divers often faced some problems like blacking out or decompression or a sickness coming out of decompression as well. The first incident of recreational or professional freediving is found in the ancient Greece as both Plato and Homer have a mention of a sponge for the usage of bathing.

Since then many more countries have joined the freediving sport and it was in Japan about 2000 years ago when the freediving was started. As the maritime trade expanded there was more need of freedivers as more and more shipwrecking incidents started to happen. So the freedivers who can dive deep in to the sea, almost 50 feet can reclaim the important wreckage of the ship. This is all about the ancient time, but then the freediving has become a sport also in the modern time and it is very much popular as well.