All You Want to Know About FreeSkiing


Of course Freeskiing is an adventure sport and we know very well about it. But still we may not carry big details of it and hence this article is a must read for all of those who want to know about Freeskiing. In this article we will know almost everything about freeskiing. Like, its origin, its history, its variants, the equipments and more. So get read for the Freeskiing. Mind you previously we have talked a lot about adventure sports which normally are played for recreation and enjoyment, but Freeskiing is one serious adventure sport because it is party of the Winter Olympics as well! So this article is different than the rest of those on Adventure Sports we have till date.

All You Want to Know About FreeSkiing

Freeskiing is also known as Newschool skiing and it is an integral part of skiing. Skiing has many variants and Freeskiing falls into the Free Style Skiing variant of the Skiing. Freeskiing is a part of Winter Olympics, as we revealed above. Half-pipe skiing and Slopestyle are the two events which take place in the Winter Olympics.

Brief History of FreeSkiing

The sport is believed to have been incepted in the late 1990s so we can say it is very much a young sport. But it certainly is one of the most popular sport and it took no time for it either. There are many professional players around now who play freeskiing and they are popularly known as freeskiers as well. These freeskiers are highly competitive in their own rights and some of them are specialists in one certain discipline of the freeskiing as well.

More about Freeskiing

In 2007 the Association of Freeskiing Professionals or AFP was formed and it created the unified global tour of the freeskiing events and it also has adopted the ranking system among the freeskiers. AFP has also come out with rules and regulations along with different variants of the Freeskiing as well. They also have decided how the equipment should be for this adventure sports as well.

Freeskiing or the Newschool can be played on Backcountry, in park or in the street as well. There are many notable brands have arise who make some of the best freeskiing equipments. Media has also got attracted to this sports and every year there has been many freeskiing events which are telecasted worldwide.


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