Even the staunchest of cricket lover, sometimes, when asked, cannot describe about how many ways are there in the game of Cricket when a batsman can get out? Now you need not to worry. Sportycious has made your task easy. Now just go through the following details and you can now proudly discuss with your friends about the ways to get out in the game of cricket.

Law 2.9 (b) Retired (hurt)

Actually this probably is not the way to get out. Sometimes a batsman can get injured in the middle of the game and has to go to the dressing room for an immediate medical attention. At that time he can be allowed by the on field umpires to go back to the dressing room and ‘Retired Hurt’ term shall be written next to his name on the scorecard. Although the batsman is allowed to comeback immediately after the fall of the next wicket or whenever he feels fit, but if at all he can’t make a comeback till the entire innings is over then he will be called ‘Retired out’. In List-A games where all 15 batsmen are allowed to bat, a batsman can voluntarily chose to retire without getting injured to allow his team mates to have a go on the ground.

Law 30- Bowled

Or in other words, ‘clean bowled’! Perhaps the easily understood way for a dismissal in cricket is someone getting out Bowled. When a legitimate delivery is missed by the batsman and it hits his stumps the batsman is then called ‘bowled’.

Law 31-Timed out

When a batsman gets out the next batsman has to take the field (i.e. by crossing the boundary rope) within two minutes of the dismissal, if he can’t then the opposition team captain can appeal for a ‘Time Out’. It is then for the on field umpires to decide to give the next batsman timed out or not. Sometimes when a team loses two or three wickets in a hurry the next batsman does not get enough time to wear his cricket guards and hence he cannot follow this two minute rule. Till now in international cricket there is no such incident recorded, but in first class cricket, Andrew Jordaan, Hemulal Yadav, V. C. Drakes and A. J. Harris has been given Timed Out.

Law 32: Caught

When a batsman hits the ball in the air and a fielder, wicket keeper or the bowler himself catches the ball, he can be given out provided the delivery from which he has got out is a legitimate one. Even if the ball has touched cricket guards of the batsman like, helmet, pads, thigh pads before or after the ball has hit the bat he can still be given out.

Law 32: Handled the ball

When a batsman contacts the ball which is on its way to the stumps by his hand or arm, he can be given out handling the ball. Although he can touch the ball after it is dead or with the consent of the bowler or a  nearby fielder. Russell Endean, Andrew Hilditch, Mohsin Khan, Desmond Haynes, Graham Gooch, Steve Waugh and Michael Vaughan are the batsmen who are given out handling the ball in tests; whereas in ODIs, Mohinder Amarnath and Daryll Cullinan are two culprits till date.

Law 34 – Hit the ball twice

As per the rule the batsman can hit the ball only once, but if it is found that the second hit by the batsman is intended in any which way possible, he can be given out under this rule. Till now no such incident has occurred in the international cricket.

Law 35 – Hit Wicket

When a batsman dislodged his stumps or bails by his bat, body or the equipments he is wearing he can be given out hit wicket even when the delivery is not legitimate.

Law 36 – Leg before wicket (LBW)

When as per the umpire’s judgment the delivery which is a legitimate one, is going to hit the stumps directly and has been obstructed by batsman’s leg  or body and not with the bat, he can be given out LBW. Till last few years, this decision was purely based on umpire’s thinking process, but since the invention of DRS the technology is also playing its part in making LBW decisions.

Law 37-Obstructing the field

When a batsman by action or words obstructs a fielder intentionally he can be given out. Although the batsman is allowed to obstruct the view of the fielder while taking a run. Till now Rameez Raja, Mohinder Amarnath, Inzamam-ul-Haq and Anwar Ali have got out in this way.

Law 38 – Run Out

While taking a run if a batsman can not reach the crease before the sumps or bails are fully dislodged at the end he is running towards, he can be given out Run out. If in doubt the on field umpires can take help of the TV or third umpire.

Law 39 – Stumped

When a batsman steps out of his batting crease and either remains like that or cannot reach back to his crease before the wicket keeper dislodges either the bails or the stumps completely he will be given out. If in doubt the on field umpires can take help of the TV or third umpire.


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