Why I will buy Cricket.OOO


Cricket is the most watched sport in Asia and especially India. Cricket has been equally popular in the world. There have been lot of websites related to cricket with various domain extensions like .com, .org, .net, .in, .co.in

As the number of people who are interested in searching information about cricket is very high, that has led to high number of cricket related sites. Using the advantage of the number of cricket fans and cricket related information seekers in India as well as the world, a if you buy domain like cricket.OOO or a cricket related domain can really be helpful to build an great website or blog on internet and earn a huge out of it.

There are lot of people who keep searching about the cricket schedule, cricket biography about players, players profile, players stats, cricket related videos, cricket related scores, live commentary.

If a website is built with a cricket.OOO domain which is a global domain and being SEO friendly, it highly help in ranking the particular domain at a high rank comparatively. The high rank will boost the traffic on the website, and hence boost the revue you earn out of the website.

There have been lot of cricket related websites which have been acquired by big brands in return of a big amount of money. A domain like cricket.OOO can you set up a good cricket related website and open a scope of betting acquired as well.

If you’re a cricket fan and you love updating things related to cricket, you can setup a cricket related website and start posting the news, and articles. You can brand that as well by having a exact domain with .OOO extensions.

With .OOO domains, you can rank your website very easily as its Google and SEO friendly. Being global natured domains, it can attract the foreign traffic as well that would gain an good exposure. With .OOO domains you can establish a brand out of it, by purchasing a exact domain name. You can have the same name on Facebook and twitter as well, which can build a good identity on social network and among the fans.

It would be a clever step to go for cricket related .OOO domains. Using the amount of cricket fanatic and advantages of .OOO domain together can be a great step towards building a next startup. The .OOO domains are likely to be sold out due to their features.

Hence a cricket related .OOO can be a good move for your branding as well as money.


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