Is Breakup with Wozniacki behind Rory McIlroy’s Success?

Wozniacki Rory McIlroy breakup

This weekend, Rory McIlroy won his fourth major golfing title by winning the 2014 PGA Championship, so is the breakup with Wozniacki behind Rorry McIlroy’s success? Well before going into the details, let us first know what happened at the PGA Championships just a few hours ago.

While all the attention was on Phil Mickleson and Rickie Fowler on the last day, McIlroy quietly went into 18 under from the 16 under on the back nine, which was eventually good enough to have a two stroke lead.

The final round was already late because of the rain in the middle of the day. The pairs of Mickelson and Fowler and McIlroy and Weisberger could start only after 4pm ET. This made things look more worried towards the end for the golfers as they seemed to be rushing towards their rounds before the night could fall. On the 18th all four golfers reached almost at the same time and for once it looked that they are having a foursome round.

All then came down to McIlroy who needed to putt twice to win the title with dark is falling all around. Although McIlroy had an option to quit and resume his game next day, but the gutsy golfer decided to continue and with steely nerves, he first put within a foot’s distance and then the second one also to take home his fourth major overall and a back-to-back major this year as he won the British Open just last month.

Wozniacki Rory McIlroy breakupRory McIlroy has not only won the back to back majors this year, but also is the reining No. 1 in the PGA Golf Rankings as well. Has it all started because of his breakup with tennis star Caroline Wozniacki? Well, who are we to decide that? Rory himself believes that his recent success is because of this reason only. In an interview given to the Daily Mail, Rory McIlroy said that he had put a bit more time into the golf and that helped him to refocus. He even made a light hearted comment that because he had nothing left to do, he had to go to the golf course and gym and that helped him to get back his focus back into the game.

Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki broke up in May after having a few minutes conversation on the phone after emailing invitations for their marriage. Since then McIlroy has won The British Open in July, WGC Bridgestone Invitational early this month and now this PGA Championship. Wosniacki on the other hand is on the 13th position on the WTA Rankings and won a WTA Tournament in Istanbul, Turkey last month, which is her first tournament win since the break up.