Why WWE Fired Alberto Del Rio?


Yesterday i.e. on 8th August 2014 the WWE fired Alberto Del Rio and many are asking the question why? Well, if you are one of those WWE and Alberto Del Rio fan then you probably is asking the similar question as well right? So, here we are with the answers found in that question.

This is actually the second time that WWE has released the wrestlers and Alberto Del Rio became the latest casualty of it. As per the official announcement by WWE on this issue, “Alberto Del Rio was suspended due to unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.” But the pundits of WWE are seeing something else. Perhaps the biggest reason for this release is the financial problem the company going through and it has singed some of the international stars to the NXT. So to make it possible the WWE may have forced it self to reduce its budget and hence this suspension came out. The same set of people, although, is not leaving the possibility of some irresponsible behavior by Del Rio as well. What the experts and the media sees weird in this entire issue is that in their official release the WWE didn’t even care to mention his real name.

As more details are pouring in exactly after 24 hours since the decision was made an article in ‘the Observer’ says that the Alberto Del Rio was fired and the reason will surprise you. The article goes on and says that a social media manager made a racist joke about Alberto Del Rio and, Del Rio just stood by himself and that became the reason for his removal from the WWE!!

This social media manager made a comment on Del Rio was, “LOL, Mexicans should be doing the dishes.” When Del Rio met this guy and confronted with him and ask for a clarification, the guy did not reply but smiled at him and angrily Alberto Del Rio slapped him! – this is the other side of the story which is coming out from the close WWE circles.

One can only hope that this issue will be taken again into the consideration by the WWE when their bosses sits along and discuss, because if Alberto Del Rio was really abused racially, he should not be punished twice for no fault of his. We are also hoping that this incident will not affect his future professional career.