Cricket is the game which has been followed by some of the passionate people around the world. Although it is not popular worldwide like soccer or tennis but yet there are players who play cricket and yet earning in millions. Those who do not have any following about cricket may find it surprising as well. But after the introduction of various Twenty20 league cricket the pockets and the bank balances of the cricketers have become fat and especially in the Indian Premier League or IPL the Indian franchise literary run behind the cricketers to have them in their team and are ready to pay any amount. There are other leagues in the world too which probably may not pay as much as the IPL is paying but still the T20 league cricket has made many professional cricketers and they are earning millions right now. Here are some of the richest cricketers of the world.

The Richest Cricketers of the World (Top 10)

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Total Earnings: 26.5 million

National Team: India

Club: Chennai Super Kings

Salary: US$ 3.5 million

Endorsements: US$ 23 millions

Major Products Endorsing: Reebok, Pepsi, Sony

Sachin Tendulkar

National Team: India (Retired)

Club: Mumbai Indians (Retired)

Total Earnings: US$ 18.6 million

Salary: US$ 2.1 million

Endorsements: US$ 16.5 million

Major Products Endorsing: Adidas, Coca Cola and Castrol

Gautam Gambhir

National Team: India

Club: Kolkata Knight Riders Past: Delhi Daredevils

Total Earnings: US$ 7.3 million

Salary: US$ 3.9 million

Endorsements: US$ 3.4 millions

Major Products Endorsing: Reebok, Red Bull, Hero Honda

Virat Kohli

National Team: India

Club: Royal Challengers Bangalore

Total Earnings: US$ 7.1 million

Salary: US$ 3.1 million

Endorsements: US$ 4 millions

Major Products Endorsing: Nike, Pepsi, Toyota

Virender Sehwag

National Team: India

Club: Kings XI Punjab Past: Delhi Daredevils

Total Earnings: US$ 6.9 million

Salary: US$ 2.8 million

Endorsements: US$ 4.1 millions

Major Products Endorsing: FILA, Hero Honda, Royal Challenge

Shane Watson

National Team: Australia

Club: Rajasthan Royals, Sydney Sixers Others: New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Hampshire

Total Earnings: US$ 5.9 million

Salary: US$ 2.9 million

Endorsements: US$ 3 millions

Major Products Endorsing: Gunn & Moore, TAG Heuer and ASICS

Michael Clarke

National Team: Australia

Club: Past: Pune Warriors Others: New South Wales and Hampshire

Total Earnings: US$ 4.9 million

Salary: US$ 2.7 million

Endorsements: US$ 2.2 million

Major Products Endorsing: Bonds, Gillette and Spartan Sports

Brett Lee

National Team: Australia (Retired)

Club: Kolkata Knight Riders, Sydney Sixers Past: Kings XI Punjab, New South Wales, Wellington

Total Earnings: US$ 4.8 million

Salary: US$ 1.8 million

Endorsements: US$ 3 million

Major Products Endorsing: Vodafone, Gatorade and Reebok

Ricky Ponting

National Team: Australia (Retired)

Club: Antigua Hawkbills Past: Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Tasmania, Surrey and Somerset

Total Earnings: US$ 4.1 million

Salary: US$ 1.8 million

Endorsements: US$ 2.3 million

Major Products Endorsing: Rexona, Valvoline and Kookaburra

Yusuf Pathan

National Team: India

Club: Kolkata Knight Riders Past: Rajasthan Royals

Total Earnings: US$ 3.7 million

Salary: US$ 3.3 million

Endorsements: US$ 350, 000

Major Products Endorsing: Pepsi


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