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Interesting Facts about the Longest Tennis Match Ever

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Interesting Facts about the Longest Tennis Match Ever

  • This was the first round match between John Isner (USA) and Nicoals Mahut (France) at the 2010 Wimbledon Championship. Previously, both these players met only once where Mahut defeated Isner.
  • The entire match was played during the course of three days. On 22nd June it started at 6.13 pm and was suspended due to bad light at 9.07 pm. On 23rd June it re-started at 2.05 pm and had to be suspended due to bad light again at 5.45 pm. On 24th June the match resumed at 3.40 pm and it finally ended at 4.47 pm. A total time of 11 hours and 5 minutes.
  • The final score line was John Isner beat Nicolas Mahut by 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (9-7), 7-6 (7-3) and 70-68.
  • The only match where both the players scored a century of Aces.
  • Too many ‘loves’ in the game as each game started at 0-0.
  • This match is also regarded as ‘the endless match’.
  • The total number of pages used by the official scorer for this match is 7.
  • After the end of the second day the American tennis star Andy Roddick brought the take away food for Isner. The food was ‘3 boxes of pizza’ with all types of chicken and mashed potatoes.
  • Isner took plenty of coconut water between the days. Both the players went through a special ice bath and had a recovery shake at the end of the second day’s play.
  • Both Isner and Mahut could sleep hardly for 4 hours between the 2nd and the 3rd day as they needed to practice again. Isner chose to be on the treadmill before the play.
  • The official electronic scoreboard was stuck when the last set clocked 47 games all as it was not programmed to go further. The manufacturer of these electronic scorecards IBM took a night to reprogram them so that the next day it can back to work. Although the match  stopped at 50 all.
  • The chair umpire for the match was Mohamed Lahyani from Sweden who remained on the chair for the entire game.
  • Two sets of 14 lines umpires and 28 ballboys/girls were used during the second day of the match.
  • A special presentation was held immediately after the match was over alongside the scoreboard. A special crystal bowl and champagne flutes were presented by the All England Club to both the players.
  • Both the players were awarded the ‘Best Record-Breaking Performance Award’ at the 2010 ESPY Awards.

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  • Records within the Record
    • Longest match – 11 hours 5 minutes
    • Longest set – 8 hours 11 minutes (5th set)
    • Most games in a set – 138 games in the 5th set
    • Most games in a match – 183 games in all
    • Most aces in a match by a player – 112 aces by Isner
    • Most aces in a match – 215 aces (112 Isner – 103 Mahut)
    • Consecutive service games held in a match(Total 168 in total, 84 each)
    • Most games won by both winning and the loosing players – 92 Isner, 91 Mahut
    • Most points won in a match- 502 by Mahut
    • Most points in a match – 980 points!
  • After the match was officially over, the crowd at the court started chanting, “We want more, we want more” !
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