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Defending FIFA World Cup Champions,KnockedOut in 1st Round

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So the defending champions of the FIFA World Cup 2010, Spain have lost against Chile in their second game in the FIFA World Cup 2014 and thus they are out of the Football World Cup 2014 in the very first round. This is certainly not the first time it has happened that a defending champion has to bow out of the world cup in the very first round it self. This was actually the fifth occasion when a defending champion has to go home after the first round itself. Here are the previous four occasions.

Italy in 1950

The Italians were long standing world champs in the 1950 edition of the World Cup. Having won the previous two editions in the year 1934 and 1938 there was no World Cup till 1950. Before the tournament they lost their strongest side in the Superga air disaster and thus the team became a bit weak. The members of the Italian team were not even keen to play the 1950 world cup and were not willing to travel by air. They were convinced and they went to Brazil by a steamer. They lost to Sweden by 3-2 in their opening game, but won against Paraguay by 2-0 but the goal difference was not enough which could lead them to the next round. The Italians went back home by a steamer again.

Brazil in 1966

The then defending champion Brazil took on Bulgaria and won the game handsomely by 2-0 thanks to Pele and Garrincha but in the same game Pele got injured and missed the next game against Hungary and Brazil lost the game by 1-3. In their must win game against Portugal, Brazil lost Garrincha as well and Brazil easily lost the game and went out of the tournament.

France in 2002

The 1998 champions France who had thrashed Brazil in the final in their own backyard, got a shocker in their first game in the 2002 FIFA World Cup when they lost to the debutantes Senegal by 1-0. That shock would have been the reason for their early first round exit in the world cup as they had to draw the next game against Uruguay by 0-0 and not only that Thierry Henry was sent off via a red card. The next game they played really poor against Denmark and lost the match by 2-0 and hence their championship title.

Italy in 2010

Italy was really a strong team when they entered South Africa to defend their title, plus they were pitted against Uruguay, New Zealand and Slovakia which was an easy group for them. The Italians had to take care of Uruguay which they did and drew the game by 1-1. But then what happened was really stunning. Italy even drew their next game against the weaker New Zealand side by 1-1 and then lost to Slovakia by 3-2 and got eliminated from the first round itself.

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