Meet Some of the Famous Sports WAGs – Part IV

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Welcome back to the fourth part of our series on the Famous Sports WAGs across the sporting globe. Till now you have met some of the most beautiful and hottest WAGs from various sports like NFL, NHL, Tennis, NBA and what not. The purpose of this series is just to introduce some of the partners of the sportspersons who have been a backbone or the inspirations for their success and not to spread gossips about them. We will continue this series for more episodes, till then enjoy this fourth part of it and do let us know whether you have liked this series of Famous Sports WAGs or not.

Sydni Paige Russell

Sydni Paige RussellTyrann Devin Mathieu the Arizona Cardinals team member of the American Football, had probably gone through numerous problems in his career but not his girlfriend Sydni Paige Russell. Since 2011 at least, both of them are dating and she has been the cheerleader of the NBA team New Orleans Hornets. There was some controversy when Sydni Page Russell’s naked pics came out in the open but that was not enough to break the relations between her and Tyrann Devin Mathieu, hence the bonding is so deep right? Both Mathieu and Russell are equally popular on Instagram as well.

Ellie Harvey

Ellie HarveyJason Day the golfer’s wife Ellie Harvey has always been the center of attention whenever she is accompanying her hubby on the golf course. It reminds us the old days or Rory McIlroy too. Ellie Harvey and Jason Day married in 2009 and there is story behind it that when Harvey requested Jason Day to have a hole-in-one in 2008 and Day obliged her with it made their marriage possible. The couple met some five years back in Twinsburg Ohio where Ellie Harvey was a waitress. But the serious dating was not started till last few years before they got married. The golfing fans were seriously out of choice about some of the attractive WAGs on the golf course but thanks to Ellie Harvey the trouble has been avoided at least now.

Samantha Steele

Samantha SteeleThe December of 2012 was not that easy for the NFL followers, especially the Minnesota Vikings fans because suddenly on 19th of December the news broke that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and ESPN reporter from the sidelines Samantha Steele are married now! The couple got married in a courtroom in Wisconsin. Just two months before that Christian Ponder confirmed the rumors that he has been dating with Samantha Steele and even jokingly thanked her won Vikings winning the games. Earlier that month both of them confirmed via twitter that they are in fact getting engaged but the sudden news of marriage came as a shock to many. In any case Samantha Steele was already one of the most attractive sports presenters in the USA as she is working with ESPN. Many hearts probably would have broken right?

Mariana Diarco

Mariana DiarcoFor the first time in the story we are going to narrate a sad story for you. The Argentine soccer player Ezequiel Schelotto who also plays for the Atalanta in the Italy’s Serie A, was in deep love with one of the hottest models you will ever see, Mariana Diarco. Both were dating each other for some time. There are many too hot to handle images floating around the internet on Mariana Diarco and that became the reason for their break up. Actually the family of Ezequiel Schelotto found Mariana Diarco too ‘sexy’ to become his wife and to honor his family wishes Ezequiel Schelotto broke up with Mariana. This is the perfect example of son wanting a sexy girlfriend whereas the parents just want a nice girl for their son. The main reason could be that Diacro also posed nude in Playboy and Maxim at one point of time.

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