Wednesday, February 1, 2023

What’s there Inside a Golf Ball?

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Have you ever thought about this? Probably not if you are not a golf enthusiast, but if you are then a question must have been arising, at least once somewhere down the line, that exactly what is there inside a golf ball? Let us know exactly what is there inside a golf ball via this article.

What is there Inside a Golf Ball?

What's there Inside a Golf Ball?

The technology has been improved over the years and golf equipment is not left behind either with this development either. The new dimple pattern has certainly helped the golf ball to fly higher, farther, and straighter. The technocrats have also improved the interior of a golf ball as well so that golfers at a different level can use them differently. Let us have a look at the various things which make different golf balls.

The core of a Golf Ball

The one-piece and cheap golf balls are made from the same material which generally is surely and it is used both inside and outside of the golf balls. But mostly all the balls have a different core beneath the cover with some have multiple internal layers as well. In three-piece golf balls, the liquid cores are very popular usage but are getting less by the day. Manufacturers and golfers believe that liquid cores are not dangerous and Titleist uses saltwater and corn syrup blend in their golf balls. Apart from the liquid, synthetic rubber, bit of metal, and acrylate are also used by Titleist. While the recently produced Nike four-piece golf balls are made out of a resin-like material which is called RZN by the company.

Inner Layers of a Golf Ball

Three-piece golf balls have threads of rubber or elastic which are wounded lightly around the core of the ball. Although these days the cores of the balls are all wrapped with plastic or synthetic rubber along with the core of the balls. Titleist uses the thermoplastic resin which is called ionomers by it. TaylorMade has produced the five-piece ball which is said to be the most complex golf balls ever made. It has a small rubber core which is surrounded by three firmer layers made out of synthetic and HPF 1000 resin.

Although the material and other things do matter when a golfer chose a golf ball to play, ultimately it’s his/her skill that will help him/her to putt better, right?

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