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Want to know Various style of Skydiving ?

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We have mentioned in the introduction post of the Skydiving or Parachuting that it is a free fall from an aircraft to the land which is later can be controlled by a parachute. But it is not same as it is said, because Parachuting or Skydiving has not less than 14 variations. Here they are.

Want to know Various style of Skydiving ?

Hit and Rock

This is basically a fun parachuting. In this variation accuracy landing has given a preference. The aim is to land as close as possible to a chair which has been put on the land and then after removing the parachute bind, then take a sprint towards the chair and sit fully on the chair and then rock back and forth at least one time.


It is an expansion of the skydiving, which includes belly to the earth position, but it also extends into a vertical flight and then the flyer takes an upright position or takes an inverted position (means falling on the head first). These positions only help to increase the speed of the freefall.


In this variation the skydiver takes a certain body position which then enables him to achieve a high forward speed. This  helps the skydiver to separate from the other jumpers and he can cover a good ground than the others.

Formation Skydiving

Where a multiple skydivers attached themselves with each other while having a free fall and later they all open the parachutes. The divers jump from the aircraft separately.

Pond Swooping

This Skydiving happens above the  seashore. Once the skydivers jump from the aircraft they have to land on the seashore and then have to glide across the small amount of sea waves.

Cross Country

No free fall allowed in Cross Country skydiving. The parachute has to be opened immediately after the jump and the divers then try to cover as much area as they can.

Camera Flying

A cameraman also jumps along with the skydiver and then films with him. The cameramen also wear specialized equipments like winged jumpsuit which can provide him a greater range of fall rates. He also wears a helmet mounted video and still cams, if required.

Night Jumps

Only a license holder skydiver can be allowed for a night jump skydiving. He or she has to take a prior permission from the local authorities. Having an audible altimeter is a must for every skydiver attempting night jump.

Stuff Jumps

Only possible to jump from a rear door aircraft. A jumper can take various things with him. Like Rubber Rafts, Cars, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Vacuum Cleaners and even Water Tanks.

Sky Surfing

A skydiver attaches a surfboard with his legs and then performs surfing acrobatics in the air while having a freefall. The surfboard for Sky Surfing are smaller than usual surfboards.

BASE Jumping

Also known as B.A.S.E jumping in US. The word BASE comes from Building, Atenna, Span, Earth.  This is more like a stunt rather than a skydiving or parachuting.

Wingsuit Flying

Wingsuit Flying or Wingsuiting is a skydiving where a diver jumps with a specially tailored jumpsuit which is also called as wingsuit. This helps the diver to enable a significant lift.

Tunnel Flying

The flyer jumps in a vertical wind tunnel which will simulate free fall. It is a part of Skydiving and not for training.

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  1. I thought that it was interesting when you said that there are many different ways to go skydiving, including using a wingsuit to help create a better lift. I have been thinking about going skydiving but I am worried that I will not know how to do it properly. I will be sure to attend skydiving classes to get a better idea of how you jump so that I will be prepared.

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