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Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards in the World

The game of cricket is probably played by not too many countries, but because of its huge popularity among the Asian and especially among the sub-continental countries the amount of fan following is huge. Because the game of cricket is huge there it is bound for all those host cricket boards along with the other richest cricket boards of the world, to earn a good chunk of money. So let us have a look at the richest cricket boards in the world.

Ten Richest Cricket Boards In The World

  • The New Zealand Cricket (NZC)
  • West Indies Cricket Board (WICB)
  • Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC)
  • Cricket Australia (CA)
  • Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC)
  • Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB)
  • Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)
  • England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)
  • Cricket South Africa (CSA)
  • Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) – Highest Paying Cricket Board

The New Zealand Cricket (NZC)

Worth: US $9 million

Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards in the WorldThe New Zealand Cricket board is standing at the bottom of the list as cricket is the second popular game in the country after Rugby. Although the Kiwi cricketers do earn a lot because of playing in many T20 leagues across the world, the cricket board is still struggling to earn big like other cricket boards.


West Indies Cricket Board (WICB)

Worth: US $15 million

Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards in the WorldActually, the West Indies Cricket Board is a combination of many Caribbean cricket playing nations. Since early 1900s different Caribbean countries playing as one team and had some fantastic time on the international cricket arena from 1970s to mid-1990s but since then soccer and other American sports have taken over the imagination of the youth there. Cricket is still alive there but not as it was in the past, hence WICB is also struggling to earn lots of money. But there is hope. Just last year a franchise based Caribbean Cricket League has been established and it has become an instant hit, hopefully, that will attract more and more people to reconnect with the game.

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC)

Worth: US $20 million

Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards in the WorldThe Sri Lankan team probably is one of the topmost international cricket teams but the financial position of their cricket board is nothing to feel happy about. It is on the edge, to say the least, and surviving only on television rights mostly. The board is not even been able to pay the salaries to its cricketers and often the anger of Lankan cricketers comes out in open.


Cricket Australia (CA)

Worth: US $24 million

Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards in the WorldCricket Australia is a public limited company and it is one of the richest sporting bodies in the country. With the Australian Cricket Team doing consistently well and cricket still remains the focus of the people there Cricket Australia doesn’t have to worry too much about the money. With the lucrative KFC T20 Bash league Cricket Australia can certainly look forward.



Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC)

Worth: US $38 million

Richest Cricket BoardZimbabwe Cricket since 6th July 1992, has been a full member of ICC. Having major sponsors like Vega Sportswear, Coca Cola, Castle Lager, uMax, Sanctuary Insurance, ZimGold, Schweppes Zimbabwe Cricket is the sixth richest cricketing board in the world.


Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB)

Worth: US $51 Million

Richest Cricket Board 2019Having major Sponsors like Fresh, Brac Bank, Unilever Bangladesh Limited, PRAN-RFL Group, Aamra Network, Pan Pacific Hotels, and Resorts, Qatar Airways Bangladesh Cricket Board is the fifth richest board in the world.


Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)

Worth: US $55 million

Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards in the WorldDespite the country has been badly hit by terrorism, despite the team has to play their ‘home games’ outside and despite the board has been running ad hoc for last so many years, the PCB seems to be doing well on the economic front. Maybe because the fan following it has and hence the television rights and frequent foreign tour guarantee money are the reasons for their fair enough position.

England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

Worth US $59 million

Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards in the WorldOne of the three richest cricket boards of the world is ECB. The place where cricket was born and the following for all three styles of the game is equally popular, the earning is bound to be good. The ECB is also the inventor Twenty20 cricket and its league may not be franchise based but still very lucrative. Plus ECB has an equal say on all important cricketing matters to make a big difference.

Cricket South Africa (CSA)

Worth: US $69 million

Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards in the WorldDespite earning so much Cricket South Africa is spending more than what they are earning, hence they are actually making losses. They are hugely dependent on television rights and teams touring their country more frequently than not. But the team is doing good and that is good news for them.

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) – Highest Paying Cricket Board

Worth US $295 million

Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards in the WorldRichest cricket in the world: It seems that the BCCI has a Midas touch because whatever they do (or don’t do in a few cases) they bound to earn money and lots of them. There was a period when BCCI was not even able to pay their cricketers on time, but since India’s win of the 1983 world cup changed the fortunes of the Indian cricket. The big moment came when in 2008 the Indian Premier League or IPL started and the BCCI started to mint more money. With the passionate public behind them BCCI today even ruling the cricket world as a de fact of the cricketing body of the ICC. Due to the increasing popularity of IPL this year, due to COVID-19 IPL 2020 got delayed, and the IPL 2020 schedule was still not decided by the mid of August. But finally, the schedule was out and the first match is going to be played on 19 September.

Which cricket board is the richest in the world?

BCCI is one of the affluent cricket board, not only in India but also in the world. All of the other boards depend on their matches with India for getting a humongous amount of income. BCCI is not dependent on the Government of India for its finances.

Which board pays the highest salary to its cricketers?

While BCCI is the highest-earning board in the World, The England Cricket Board (ECB) pays the highest combined salary to its players. The players get salaries on a yearly basis. In September 2018, The England Cricket Board (ECB) was awarded 10 Test contracts and 13 white-ball contracts.


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