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19 Important & Fun Facts About Surfing

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Fun Facts About Surfing
Fun Facts About Surfing

The first surfing boards were heavy and fin-less and they were hard to control as they were made of simple wooden material.

  1. There is a term in Surfing called Booger, and Sponger which means a body boarder.
  2. When a Surfer gulps a sea water without any intention it is called A Neptune Cocktail.
  3. Uniliver introduced the Surf detergent powder in 1959 and in many parts of the world, it has become the second name of washing powder.
  4. Skateboarding can be called as a bi-product of Surfing as the boards have wheels and person can surf on wooden frames.
  5. Australian researchers have introduced a unique colored wetsuits which are supposed to protect surfers from shark attacks.
  6. The word ‘surfing’ on the internet has also been generated from the sport of Surfing. The first time this word was used in 1992.
  7. Every year June 20th is celebrated as International Surfing Day.
  8. “Surfing is like a Mafia. Once you are in-you are in, there is no getting out.” – Kelly Slater.
  9. In 1999 the University of Playmouth became the first University to offer a degree course in the Surf Science and Technology.
  10. Kelly Slater is known as the highest paid surfer who won three million dollars as ninth time winner of World Surfing Championship in 2009.
  11. As per a survey done by an American surfing magazine, 66% of surfers think about sharks while they surf on the waves.
  12. The biggest wave recorded till now was of 530 meters in the southern coast of Alaska of Lituya bay.
  13. When 110 surfers lined up on the same wave in Cape Town in 2009, it became the world record of the most number of surfers riding on a single wave.
  14. Gary Saavedra holds the record of the longest surfing ride in 2011, when he surfed for 3 hours and 55 minutes, although the waves were artificially created by power boat.
  15. ‘Abbie Girl’ the female dog holds the world record of longest do-ridden-wave of 107.2 meters.
  16. The longest natural ride on a wave has a distance of 12.5 km and 37 minutes.
  17. Patrick Swayze, the actor, broke four ribs when he was shooting for the movie, ‘Point Break’ in the year 1991.
  18. The Coronado Bay Resort in California holds a surfing competition every year.
  19. Actress Cameron Diaz has broken her nose four times while surfing, who says the waves are soft?
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