Tuesday, March 21, 2023

5 Best Badminton Racket Brands In India

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In today’s world where many more sports are coming up with great fuss, badminton is lifting itself to the front foot at the world level. Badminton comes under one of the expertise sports in India and achieves much more procurement across the world.

Now let’s talk about the basic things that we require during a badminton match and also know about its top five manufacturing brands.

During a badminton match, a badminton racket is the main arsenal of a player, which has its own importance. There are various badminton racket manufacturers and brands available in the market. The main objective of these brands is to produce a fine quality badminton racket that is used by professional as well as the top badminton players.

If you get confused while selecting or switching a badminton racket then don’t panic, we are here to help you out and tell you about the top five badminton rackets brands you can choose. These brands will help you in finding excellent badminton rackets in India.

Best Badminton Racket Brands


Yonex is very well known for its robust and novel characteristics. Yonex has excellent goodwill in the market and also a well-maintained reputation. It provides a high-quality badminton racket for the players. These rackets are very effective while hitting smashes and have very good stability and speed.

These badminton rackets are best for beginners as well as professional players. Yonex designs its badminton rackets with a flex point which helps in handling the shuttlecock adequately.


Li-Ning is a Chinese brand and is one of the top badminton racket manufacturers, which provide its product around the world. This brand was founded by Li Ning in 1989. 

Li-Ning designs its rackets with hi-tech dynamic optimum frame technology, which helps you in optimizing your performance. Also, maintain your offensive and defensive techniques.

This badminton brand is well known for its stiff racket handles and heavy heads that make the racket a perfect tool, especially for aggressive players. 

Li-Ning never compromises with its product quality and produces one of the finest badminton rackets in the world.


Victor is a brand that originated in Taiwan in 1968 and was founded by Chen Den Li. This brand produces sports equipment like badminton, Squash rackets, shoes, shuttlecock, and sportswear. 

This brand is also one of the finest badminton rackets manufacturers and its rackets are approved by the Badminton World Federation for international tournaments. Victor mainly focuses on making the badminton racket faster, stronger, and effective and indulges many more new technologies to do so. 

Tai Tzu Ying and many other professional players use victor’s produced badminton racket. Victor holds a franchise in more than 60 countries and five continents.


Cosco is one of the Chinese brands which is formerly also known as China Ocean Shipping Company Limited. This brand was founded 60 years ago in 1961 and provides its products worldwide.

Cosco in India is well known for manufacturing its sports products. The cosco badminton rackets have a nominal price and different designs and varieties. 

The badminton rackets are quite lightweight and have heavy heads, which enables the player to hit an adequate as well as a right swing.

Silver Sports

Silver sport is one of the top brands which manufactures professional badminton rackets not only in India but worldwide since 1965. This company manufactures sports equipment and kits which include badminton rackets, squash rackets, tennis rackets, and shuttlecocks.

Silver sport is counted in the top sports brands all over. It delivers flawless adequate badminton rackets in a competitive amount in the market. 

The badminton rackets produced by the Silver sport undergo many technologies to get a perfect outcome according to the player satisfaction.


These are the top badminton rackets brands that are available in India. Rather than these brands, there are many other brands that you can find easily in the market, but to opt, a perfect badminton racket you must go for these brands. They not only manufacture their products in India but worldwide and have excellent goodwill in the international market.

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