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Golf for Beginners: All You Need To Know

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Golf for Beginners: All You Need To Know

Although the origins of golf are widely debated. The modern 18 hole game of golf as we know it today, can be traced back to 15th Century Scotland.

Since then the popular game has spread all around the world, becoming a great way to spend the day outside socialising with friends or colleagues. But, it’s not a game you learn overnight, Golf takes practise, skill and mental strength to succeed.

Know The Rules

This might be an obvious one, but there are a lot of rules and etiquettes in golf, many of them not so obvious. With golf priding itself as a gentleman’s game, it’s best to brush up on these before hitting the course.

Take Lessons

It makes a big difference to have someone show you the basics in person. Teaching yourself, even with a good instructional book, can lead you to bad habits. With technique vital in good driving and accuracy, investing in lessons to give you a proper swing foundation will leave you with lasting benefits.

Practice Technique

Your technique can be down to alignment, posture, grip and speed. With one of the most simple, yet effective tips are knowing how to approach the ball. Once you have managed to synchronize these movements, you have more control over the ball.

The only way to perfect the golf swing is to practice, practice and practice. 

Don’t Neglect Your Putting

As a beginner, it can be best to start at a driving range, where you can practice and perfect the swing before hitting the course. With putts accounting for about 50 per cent of your strokes in a round, you must perfect the skill of putting as well.

Have The Right Equipment

A golfers’ accuracy benefits from the equipment that they use. While you’ll need clubs, shoes, balls, a bag, clothes and other accessories. Deciding on the right club and the right ball for you is dependent on your experience and changes as you improve.

Firstly when it comes to clubs, it is handy to know that all standard sets of golf clubs include at least three woods, seven irons, and a putter that can be used for a full round’s play. 

Beginners clubs do tend to be more forgiving on your swing and contact if they are slightly off but this does mean that they are usually less powerful. As you become more experienced and you can make consistent contact, a club fitting will enable you to get the most out of your equipment.

Finding the best golf balls for beginners can be a little more confusing, as there are many different options. As a beginner golfer, ball flight and distance are usually common issues. You should look at picking a ball that caters to your handicap as well as your bank balance. As you may be losing a few, while you perfect your stroke.

Remember not to get discouraged in the beginning. Golf is tough, but it’s so worth the effort.

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