Sunday, November 27, 2022

The Funny Caddy Nicknames Ever

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Caddies are an integral part of any golfer’s play and they have to share a good rapport with their Caddies and thus they give some funny nicknames to their buddies on the golf course. Here are some of those funny nicknames of Caddies around the world.

Mike “Fluff” Cowan

The reason why he got this nickname is perhaps the mustache he carries with him. That white and unique mustache of Cowan can only be called ‘fluff’ and nothing else. He has been highly respected caddy around the golfing circuit as he has been caddy with Jim Furynk since 1999 and previously with Tiger Woods.

Jim “Bones” MacKay

Fred Couples gave this nickname to Jim MacKay as he was not able to remember his name when he was a Caddy to Fred Couples for his first year as a Caddy. Now Jim “Bones” MacKay is a caddy for Phil Mickelson for last 15 years and he has witnessed all the ups and downs of the golfer.

Ron “Bambi” Levin

When he was a 17 years old and started his career as a Caddy Ron Levin used to look like “a babe in the woods” and thus he earned this nick name ‘Bambi’. He has caddied the legendary golfers like Jack Nicklaus and also to the new comers like Anthony Kim. He has also caddied Todd Hamilton in the past.

Steve “Asbestos” Duplantis

The nickname came to him because he once said that he is a ‘fireproof’, which only means that he can’t be fired and thus he is Asbestos. He has been highly respected caddy and has worked with Jim Furyk, Rich Beem and Tommy Armour III.

Apart from above there are few notable nicknames too like Carl “Skillet” Jackson who earned his nick name because he used to tell everyone that during his childhood he couldn’t even throw an baseball hard enough to break an egg.

What about this for a nickname? “Last Call” Lance Ten Boreck as it is self explanatory or Jeff “Squeeky” Medlen, who earned his nickname because he was having a very high pitched voice. There is one famous caddy who’s nickname is ‘Pepsi’ because he used to place his favorite cold drink around the course before every round!

There are many such funny things in golf and we will definitely share them with you in future. Hope you have liked this one!

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