All Types of Football Equipment You Should Know About

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Protective gear is a must for each and every sport that is played. Whether it is Basketball, Cricket, or Football each and every player should wear basic equipment that is needed for their safety. When playing a game personal safety is also very important. Similar is with the game of Football. There is a list of Football equipment that each and every football player should have in compliance with FIFA Law of the game Law 4. Below you can find the FIFA Law for the equipment and the list of basic equipment that is required for a football player.  

FIFA Law of the Game: Law 4

According to the football rules and regulations, a player must not be wearing anything that is dangerous including pieces of jewelry. The player should be inspected before he or she goes on the ground or the player must be asked to leave the field during the next break in the match. If the player is not ready to comply with the rules and regulations he or she should be strictly warned. 

Football Equipment a Player Should Have

Here is the list of compulsory football equipment that a football player should be wearing.

  • Football Jersey
  • Shorts
  • Shins
  • Socks 
  • Cleats
  • Soccer ball

Football Jersey

All Types of Football Equipment You Should Know About

Each and every football team is having its own uniform with colors that are chosen just for their team. The most important part is a football jersey. Football jersey should be preferably long-sleeved and if a player is wearing any undergarment it should be of the same color of the jersey or at least the sleeves of the undergarment should match the color of the sleeves of the jersey.

It is preferable that the entire team should wear the undergarment of the same color. 

Football Shorts

All Types of Football Equipment You Should Know About

The player can wear any type of shorts. Most of the time the entire uniform is provided by the football club that you represent. As a result, all the players get to wear similar types of shorts. The player may wear tight or loose-fitting shorts.

But, it is advisable not to wear too baggy shorts like that of Basketball players. Again the shorts should be the same color for every player except the goalkeeper. 

Shin Guards

Shin guards are very important in football. They protect your legs against missed kicks and fast coming balls. The impact after wearing the shin guards can still hurt, but, without shin guards, you may end up getting injured. They have a slightly curved shape to go with the shape of the legs. They cover the front of the leg and protect the shin bone. Shin guards go under the socks. The guards are majorly available in two styles

  • Single piece shin guards
  • Shin guards with velcro

Single Piece Shin Guards

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Shin-Guards.png

These shin guards slip under the socks and they remain in place with the help of tight soccer socks or with the help adhesives or tapes. 

Shin Guards With Velcro

All Types of Football Equipment You Should Know About

These shin guards come with velcro straps that can be tied behind the legs. This helps a lot in securing the shin guard to its position. Shin guard comes in a variety of sizes and one needs to check which size is good for him or her according to the height. 

  • Small fits players up to 5 feet 2 inch tall
  • Medium fits players up to 5 feet 10 inch tall
  • Large fits players up to 6 feet 4 inch tall
  • Extra-large fits players up to 6 feet 10 inch tall


All Types of Football Equipment You Should Know About

The football socks are very long in order to cover the shin guards. They are of knee-length and protect your feet from friction with the cleats and shin guards. The socks are made up of thick synthetic or cotton material.

These socks usually come with stocking ties that come below the knees. These ties can easily be hidden under the folded socks. 

Football Cleats (Studs)

One of the most important parts of the football game is the football shoes that all the players wear. These football shoes are known as Soccer cleats. Let us have a detailed study of the cleats. These cleats are mainly divided into four parts 

All Types of Football Equipment You Should Know About
  • Upper this is the top covering of the shoe, which attaches to the sole.
  • The insole is the inner area where the foot rests.
  • The outsole is the outer area where studs or spikes are present.
  • The Heel counter is the back area of the shoe and gives support to the heels and spikes.

So, this is the structure of the cleats. While selecting cleats we should keep certain things in mind. The first thing to keep in mind is the material of the upper. The real leather material cleats may be costly but give a perfect fit. Also, you should keep in mind that the cleats should fit snugly into the foot. They should not be too loose or too tight. The real leather cleats also give a good feel of the ball. If the cleats are too loose or too tight a person may end up injuring his foot. 

For young players, the types of studs also matter a lot. For beginners usually cleats with molded studs are preferred as the studs are non-detachable. Detachable studs are for more experienced players.

Soccer Ball

File:Soccer ball.svg - Wikipedia

This is the main football equipment around which the whole game revolves. It is made up of vulcanized rubber with plastic bladders and the outer cover is also of plastic. The soccer ball comes in five sizes. These are as follows

  • Size 1 18 to 20-inch circumference
  • Size 3 23 to 24-inch circumference
  • Size 4 25 to 26-inch circumference
  • Size 5 27 to 28-inch circumference

The players 8 years or younger typically use size 3 ball. The players between 8 to 12 years of age use size 4 ball and the players 13 years and above use size 5 ball. 

Additional Football Equipment for Goalkeepers

Apart from the above-mentioned equipment, the goalkeeper requires a few more equipments. They are as follows

  • Gloves
  • Padded jersey
  • Padded shorts


Gloves are the main thing for a goalkeeper. But, you should select a glove with the perfect cut that is comfortable for you. The glove that you chose should have the right type of cut comfortable to your hands and a good quality latex material which provides grip for holding the ball. 

Padded Jersey

Goalkeepers are usually required to wear a padded bright colored jersey. The reason for the bright color is that your team can recognize you when you are coming. The padded jersey provides protection to your arms, chest, and shoulders against the fast kicked ball and when you hit the surface of the ground.

Padded Shorts

Most of the goalkeepers wear padded shorts or trousers in order to protect their thighs and lower body parts while diving on the hard ground surface. 

So, these are the types of football equipments required by the entire team of football players. If you know of anything else that we have forgotten please do let us know in the comment section.

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