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5 Easy Hockey Tips To Score More Goals in Your Next Season

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Showing exceptional performance in each season is a dream for any hockey player. Every player wants to score more goals in each season, and they are eager to learn the tricks of the trade. Apart from high-quality hockey gear, it’s essential to improve your skills in your off-season. That’s why here are five secret tips to improve your hockey skills and score more goals in your next season. Here’s a look at them.

Hockey Tips To Score More Goals

1. Find the perfect stability between power and accuracy.

Many players shoot the puck with so much power that the puck only stops in the net. They are so good with their shooting game that their shooting power intimidates the goalies. That’s a great advantage to have during the game. Those who don’t shoot with much power have laser-sharp accuracy. Accuracy plays a significant role in scoring more goals. The player with great accuracy can easily dodge the obstacles, and their pucks always find the net. 

If you want to score more goals and maybe more slap shots, you need to work on your power and accuracy. The right balance between them will help you shoot the puck with more power and precision.

2. Find the right gear and get familiar with it

Being comfortable in the hockey gear when you are all kitted up is very important. It might affect your mobility at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll find it more helpful than inconvenient. Your hockey gear plays a significant role in your safety, speed, mobility, and stability on the ice. Get the right hockey stick according to your height. Make sure you get a good sturdy helmet along with gloves, skates, and shin guards. Practice your game with the full gear. It will help you to be familiar with it and improve your performance on the rink.

3. Anticipate the movement of the puck

One common thing about many established hockey players is that they are present where the puck will be and not where it is. Predicting the puck’s movement helps the player to be at the right place at the right time. It needs a lot of match practice and concentration to figure out where the puck will be, so you can be there and score the goal.

4. Keep your head up

It’s essential that you keep your head up and not constantly looking at the puck. When you are only focusing on the puck, you are not able to locate the net. The inability to find the net causes many players to miss their goals. That’s why it’s essential to keep your head up when you are on the ice.

5. Keep moving your feet

An experienced goalie knows that when a player stops moving his feet, he is about to shoot for the net. That’s how they get prepared to defend it. If you are planning to hit the goal, do not stop your foot’s movement. Keep moving your feet while you decide to shoot the goal so that the goalie won’t predict your shot.

These are some secret hockey tips to improve your skills and shoot more goals in your next season. Focus on improving your shooting skills, so your performance will automatically improve.

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