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Bungee Jumping Variations

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One of the most popular adventure sports Bungee Jumping is not just tightening the elastic cord on the legs and then jump down from the distant top. It has different variations as well and there are six such variations in Bunjgee Jumping. Let us have a look on all six of them.

Bungee Jumping Variations

Twin Tower

In the ‘Twin Tower’ Bungee Jumping, there are two oblique cords and there are two towers. Each tower is connected with a cord which leads to the jumper. When both the cords are stretched to their maximum capacity the jumper is released and shoots upwards.


One can say that this is a reverse kind of Bungee Jumping, because the jumper starts from the ground and thus the jumper is secured. The cord here is stretched and then shoots the jumper upwards so there is less chance of any  mishap to happen.


Over here the participant begins on a trampoline which is fitted into a body bind and then it is attached via bungee cords to two high poles of the Trampoline. As the participant begins to to jump the tightened bungee jump cords allow a higher jump than one could have from Trampoline jump.


Just as the name suggests it has nothing to do with jumping, but still it is a part of Bungee Jumping. Over here the participant has to run on a trampoline and it is fitted into a body bind. It often has a Velcro-backed maker that marks how far the runner has got before the bungee cord pulled back. This is most popular among the children.

Suspended Catch Air Device

Known as SCAD is similar to Bungee Jumping but the variation here is that the jumper is not attached by a cord, but instead he/she has to fall from a height and then has to fall on a net.


The jumper is attached with two rubber cords they are tied around the jumper’s waist. The bungee cords are linked with a steel cable and they can slide due to stainless pulleys. The jumper has to use bicycles or sled or ski before jumping.

These variations in Bungee Jumping make it more interesting isn’t it?

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