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kho kho information: How To Play, Rules & Types of Equipment

Just like Kabaddi, Kho Kho too is a unique Indian sport. It certainly tests the agility of a human being and with that, it is fun too. Let us know more about this unique sport called Kho Kho Game!

kho kho information: 

Unique Sport Kho Kho


Step into the dynamic world of Kho Kho, an electrifying game that unfolds on the field with the synergy of 11 players per side, where the rhythmic engagement allows only 9 players to partake in the pulsating action. This traditional sport has woven itself into the cultural tapestry of the Asian Subcontinent, igniting passion and competition in the hearts of communities across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

The game, characterized by its strategic agility and swift maneuvers, has become a beloved pastime, transcending generations and fostering a sense of camaraderie among players and spectators alike. The cheering echoes and spirited exchanges on the field encapsulate the essence of Kho Kho.

In a surprising twist, the allure of Kho Kho has reached the captivating landscapes of South Africa, where enthusiasts embrace the game with the same fervor, showcasing its universal appeal. Beyond geographical boundaries, Kho Kho serves as a cultural bridge, uniting diverse communities in the pursuit of athleticism and the joyous celebration of spirited competition. The melding of tradition and modernity in Kho Kho paints a vivid picture of a sport that not only endures but evolves, captivating the imagination and hearts of those who partake in its thrilling narrative.

The Kho Kho Ground Measurements

Kho Kho Ground Measurements
  • Kho Kho playground or pitch is rectangular and it is 29 meters long and 16 meters wide.
  • There are two more rectangles at each end. One side of the rectangle is 16 meters and the other side is 2.75 meters. 
  • There are two wooden or iron poles fixed at both ends of the field. It has a circumference of 28.25 – 31.4 cm.
  • The central lane which touches the poles is 23.5 meters long and 30 cm wide in which the players sit and play.
  • The height of the pole above the ground level is 120 to 125 cm whereas the diameter of it is  9 to 10 cm. 
  • A total of eight lanes lie over the central lane, whose dimensions are 16 m x 35 cm. 

How To Play Kho Kho

  • Foremost, you’ll have to be divided into two different teams with 12 members each but not less than six members. 
  • One of the teams acts as the chasers, whereas the other is the defenders. Each team gets the chance to play both roles.
  • A Kho Kho match consists of two innings. These two innings are of seven minutes each, that enfolds both chasing and running.
  • Moving on, out of the nine players, eight members of the chasing teams sit in their respective eight squares on the central lanes in alternate directions, whereas the ninth member is the chaser and is standing at any sides of the post to begin the game.
  • To kick the opponent out of the game, the members of the chasing team will have to touch the opponent with their palms. But remember, there must be no foul play involved.
  • The three ways in which a defender can be expelled are as follows:

If he/she has been touched by the opponent or chaser without any foul

If he/she enters the limit a bit late

If he/she decides to go out of the limit on their own.

  • Generally, Defenders enter the limit in a group of three. 
  • After each innings, there is an interval gap of 5 minutes. Besides this, there is also 2 minutes between the turns.
  • The game can only be played for 37 minutes and not more than that.
  • The game of Kho Kho can be played among all age groups and genders.

Types of Equipment of Kho Kho Game

Stepping onto the dynamic terrain of Kho Kho invokes a harmonious interplay of essential tools and apparatus that weave together the intricate fabric of this exhilarating sport.

The “Types of Equipment of Kho Kho Game” encapsulate the very essence of the game, each item contributing to the symphony that unfolds on the pitch. From steadfast poles and measuring tapes that lay the foundations of the playing field to lime powder that breathes life into strategic markings, this arsenal of equipment forms the backbone of Kho Kho.

Strings, stopwatches, wire nails, rings, and the indispensable stationery wielded by officials all play distinctive roles in shaping the game’s dynamics. With each whistle blow, the referee’s authority resonates, elevating Kho Kho from a mere sport to a captivating spectacle where tradition and athleticism converge in a vibrant dance of skill and strategy.

1. Poles (Wooden or Iron):

Poles, crafted from either wood or iron, stand as sentinels on the Kho Kho pitch, marking the boundaries with unwavering solidity. These sturdy structures provide the foundation for the dynamic interplay of players, ensuring a well-defined and secure arena for the game.

2. Metallic Measuring Tape:

As the metallic measuring tape unfurls, precision takes center stage on the Kho Kho field. This indispensable tool ensures the accurate measurement of distances, contributing to the meticulous layout of the pitch. Its role in maintaining uniform dimensions is paramount for fair and competitive gameplay.

3. Strings:

Strings, akin to invisible threads, weave the fabric of the Kho Kho pitch, creating boundaries that encapsulate the thrill of the game. Tautly fastened to the poles, these strings delineate the playing area, guiding the agile movements of players in their strategic pursuit.

4. Lime Powder:

The ground beneath transforms with the application of lime powder, giving birth to strategic markings that define the heart of Kho Kho – the central lane or “Kho.” This powdery substance adds an aesthetic yet crucial element to the pitch, guiding players in their high-stakes maneuvers.

5. Stopwatches:

In the fluid rhythm of Kho Kho, stopwatches become the custodians of time, meticulously measuring the heartbeat of each round. As players sprint, dodge, and tag, these timekeepers ensure precision in capturing the essence of speed and agility that defines the game.

6. Wire Nails:

Wire nails, unassuming yet essential, play a pivotal role in upholding the integrity of the boundaries. Firmly securing the strings to the poles, these small but mighty components ensure that the contours of the playing field remain resolute throughout the intensity of the game.

7. Rings (Inner Circumference 30 cm and 40 cm):

Rings, with their precise circumferences, become markers of challenge and skill on the Kho Kho pitch. Pursued players must navigate through these hoops within stipulated times, adding a dynamic layer of precision and strategy to the exhilarating chase.

8. Stationery for Recording Scores:

Amidst the fervor of the game, stationery emerges as the silent chronicler of triumphs and challenges. Scorecards and pens in hand, officials record the ebb and flow of points, ensuring an accurate reflection of the competitive spirit that defines Kho Kho.

9. Whistle for the Referee:

The referee’s whistle, a symbol of authority on the Kho Kho field, orchestrates the cadence of the game. Its sharp notes herald the beginning and end of phases, signal fouls, and command the attention of players and spectators alike, adding a touch of theatricality to the sporting spectacle.

Rules of Kho Kho

The game of Kho-Kho is deeply rooted in Indian history and has seen significant development over the years. The decision of chasing or running is determined by a toss, with the winning team choosing their role. The game involves 12 players, with 9 active players at any given time. The active chaser must adhere to specific rules, such as not crossing the centerline and following the designated direction. The game comprises two innings, each lasting 9 minutes, with a 3-minute interval between each innings.

Terminology Used in Kho-Kho

Several key terms are essential to understanding Kho-Kho. The chasers are the players who sit in the box and attempt to touch the opposing team’s players, while the runners are those who evade the chasers. Foul play occurs when a chaser or active chaser violates a rule, leading to specific consequences. Other terms such as “giving of Kho,” “taking direction,” “turning face,” and “rolling over” are crucial in the game.

Kho Kho Match Rules

A standard Kho-Kho match consists of two innings, each lasting 9 minutes, with a 3-minute interval between them. The team comprises 12 players, with 3 players in reserve. The game is played in batches, with specific rules governing the entry and dismissal of players. The active chaser must follow a set protocol when dismissing players, ensuring fair play and adherence to the rules.

Match Officials

The game is overseen by match officials who enforce the rules and ensure fair play. Their role is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the game and upholding the established regulations.

This information provides a comprehensive understanding of the rules and history of Kho-Kho, shedding light on its evolution and the specific regulations that govern the game.

  • Each team will have 12 players each but only 9 players can compete on the pitch.
  • A Kho Kho match comprises of two innings.
  • Each inning will have 9 minutes each in which chasing and running and turning are included.
  • All the players of one team sit or kneel in the middle of the court in a row and each player sitting next to each other will see on the opposite sides of each other or in other words, in Zig Zag’s manner.
  • The chasers will end in the shortest time possible.
  • The player chased by the chaser will touch the nearest possible player on his/her back and say ‘Kho’ to give him a chance to chase.
  • The team, which takes the shortest time to touch the player chased wins.

It may sound a bit confusing, but once you play it, the kho kho rules are really easy to understand. Kho Kho is very much part of the higher secondary school curriculum in India.

What is the match duration in Kho Kho?

Every Kho Kho team has a total of 12 players. But out of 12, only 9 players get to play on the field. A Kho Kho match consists of two innings. In a single inning, each team gets seven minutes for chasing and the other seven minutes for defending.

What is considered to be a free zone in Kho Kho?

Generally, Kho Kho is played in a rectangular field. Starting from the central lane with 8 squares there is some space left for the chasers to run around the line. Two posts made of wooden poles are fixed to limit the run around the area.  They are mostly rooted in the free zone area.

What does chasing mean in Kho Kho?

While someone is playing Kho Kho, it is a must to touch the player. Whereas turning around the pole is done with one hand. The other hand is used for touching the runner. Now, chaser moves into the direction of the cross line and tries to come nearer to a runner.

What is a foul in Kho Kho?

When chasers violate any rules, it is considered a foul. Suppose, if the player only utters ‘KHO’ and does not touch a Chaser by hand – it will be a foul. Apart from that, if a player utters anything other than ‘KHO’ – it will also be deemed as foul. Last but not the least, if an attacker touches the chaser sitting in the Chaser Block nearest to the Post, and the Defender is near the Post, one must give a ‘KHO.’

Why is Kho Kho an important sport?

There are several reasons why Kho Kho is an important sport. Practising Kho Kho helps young children in being strong, motivated and enthusiastic. Apart from that, it also helps in improving flexibility and coordination. Kho Kho is a sport that helps develop team spirit and leadership skills. Someone with anxiety and stress can also be relieved by playing Kho Kho.

Who invented Kho kho?

The origin of Kho kho is not clear, but it is believed to have originated in India. It is an ancient Indian sport that has been played for centuries.

How many players are in Kho Kho?

Each team in Kho Kho consists of 12 players, but only 9 players can be on the field at any given time.


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