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All about Major Athletics Competitions in the World

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As we discussed in our article ‘Things you must know about Athletics’, it is one of the most popular sports in the world and people do enjoy the way different athletes participate in the various distinctions of athletics. Athletics is not limited to the Olympics only and if you have believed it till date, then change your mind right now. As a matter of fact, the Athletics competitions can be differentiated into three major types. 1. International Championships, 2. National Championships and 3. Annual meetings and various races. The International athletics championships and competitions are the best way to compete and an athlete can stretch his or her abilities to the very end!

Some of the Major International Athletic Competitions


The summer Olympics, which are held every four years is the main event every athlete look forward to. Since it is a global event, athletes’ abilities are tested to its peak. The athletics in the Olympics are as old as the games itself is. At a summer Olympics, Total 47 athletic events take place out of which 24 are for men and 23 for women. The only competition which the women do not participate in is the 50 km race walk.


The Paralympics is the part of the main Olympic event, but it has been played by the sportsmen with the physical disability. It was started in the 1960 Olympics and athletes participate in wheelchair racing and other track and field events.

The World Athletics Championships

The regulator of the Athletics, IAAF, organizes the IAAF World Championships every two years. The first time it was held in 1983 and now it has become almost as popular as the Olympics are. Apart from this IAAF also holds World Cross Country Championships every year. Similarly, there is also an IAAF World Race Walking Cup every two years which supports the racewalking. A quadrangular IAAF Continental Cup is also organized in which all continents send their combined teams.

Commonwealth Games

Just like Olympics the former British Commonwealth Nations too get to gather every four years and participate in Commonwealth games and here too Athletics has its own charm. Athletics has all the required disciplines over here too.

The Asian Games or Asiad

Just like the Commonwealth Nations, the Asian continental countries too organize their quadrangular sporting event and Athletics has a major role to play to attract the sports-loving fans from that country.

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