Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Terminology and Slang Used in Freeskiing

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Every sport has its own language and only the hardcore fans and the player are used to use them often or regularly. Freeskiing is also one of those sports which has its own terminology and slang which are used by its players and the fans. Let us know what these terms are.

Spin On: When a skier spins around or before landing on a rail it generally increases of 180 degrees which actually has started at 270. When such trick is performed by the player, it is called Spin on which is also attached with what kind of spin he or she has performed like 270 on, 450 on or 630 on

Spin Out: When the player spins at the end of the rail and does increments at 180 degrees the Spin out terminology is used. Such as 270 out, 450 out and 630 out.

Switch Up: When the player jumps and turns in the air and ends up sliding on the rail in the opposite direction the Switch Up happens. It can be both front and back.

K-Fed: When a player performs with higer increments of spin it is called the K-fed like ‘Super Fed’, ‘Super-Duper Fed’ or Future Fed.

Britney: It is a blind switch up front 270 and out.

Disaster: It is a gab which is over one kink on a kinked rail

50/50: When both the skis on the rail feature the parallel to feature.

Spin: When the performer jumps in the air upright and does increments at 180 degrees, it is called Spin.

Backflip: When the performer does a backward flip it is called Backflip

Rodeo: It is an off axis flip performed by the player where he or she throws himself or herself forward or backward with a spin.

Misty: Same as Rodeo but it is a forward spin.

Lincoln Loop: A directly thrown flip towards the shoulder and cartwheel in the air is called the Lincoln Loop.

Flat Spin: Same as Lincoln Loop but it is a back flip.

These are the normal terminology or slang which are used in Freeskiing. If you want to know more about them then start watching the sport as soon as possible, all the best.

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