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All you Want to Know about Footy – The Australian Rules Football

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You may mistake this game with Rugby Union, but the Australian Rules Football or Footy is a totally different sport altogether. So let us know more about it in detail.

All you Want to Know about Footy – The Australian Rules Football

All you Want to Know about Footy – The Australian Rules Football

Basic Details about the Australian Rules football

Nicknames: Football, Footy, Aussie Rules

First Played In: 1859 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Highest Governing Body: The Australian Football League Commission

Total Registered Clubs: 2, 659

Total Registered Players (As on 2011): 790, 905

Specialties about the Australian Rules football

  • Full Body Contact Allowed
  • 22 member team, 18 on field
  • Single Gender allowed
  • Outdoor Sport
  • Rugby ball or Australian Rule football
  • Demonstrated at Melbourne Olympics of 1956

More about Australian Rule football

Australian rules football which is officially called Australian football and affectionately called Footy or Aussie Rules by its fans. The premier Aussie rule league is the AFL – Australian Football League. It is a sport which is played by two teams containing 18 players each and is played often on specially designed Australian Football grounds or on a modified cricket grounds. The highest scoring team is declared winner or in case of draw a tie breaker decides the result.

If we want to know how exactly an Aussie rule or a Footy game is played, then let us clear our minds on its rules. All the players are allowed to use any part of their body to play this game and all the methods which is possible for them to score points. These methods are kicking, handballing and running with the ball. Although throwing the ball is not allowed, but a player must touch or bounce the ball on a ground and throwing the ball will only count as penalty.

An Aussie Rule football consists four quarters of 20 minutes each. There are four distinguished poles on the each side of the ground where the Aussie Rule football is played. Two longest poles are signs of goal posts. A kick from an attacking team flies through on the full, without touching the ground or even with a bounce is called a goal. Every goal is worth of 6 points. The next two poles behind the main central poles are called ‘behind’. A goal passed these ‘behind’ poles worth one point. Pattern to describe scoring in Footy is 15.10 (100), which means there are 15 goals and 10 behinds which makes the team total of 100.

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