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Argentina Rugby Union Team: History, Management & Events

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This is an article about the Argentina Rugby Union team. It will give you the basic information about the Argentina rugby union team, its management, history and all other important things and events related to it.

Before getting into the detailed information about the Argentina Rugby Union team, let us know some small but important details about them.

Basic Details about Argentina Rugby Union Team

All You Want to Know About Argentina Rugby Union Team
  • Rugby Union: Union Argentina de Rugby
  • Nickname: Los Pumas
  • Emblem: Jaguar
  • Current Coach: Daniel Houcade
  • Current Captain: Agustin Creevy
  • Most Caps: Fellipe Contepomi – 87
  • Top Scorer: Fellipe Contepomi – 651
  • Most Tries: Jose Maria Nunez Piossek – 30
  • First International Test: Vs British Lions on 12th June 1910 | Result: Argentina 3 – British Lions 28
  • Largest Win: Vs Paraguay on 1st May, 2002 | Result: Argentina 152 – Paraguay 0
  • Largest Defeat: Vs All Blacks on 21st June 1997 | Result: Argentina 8 – All Blacks 93
  • Best Result in IRB Rugby Union World Cup: 3rd – 2007

Argentina Rugby Union Team’s History & Management

The ruby team from Argentina is not that strong as the Argentina football team is but it is on its way to becoming one of the strong teams in Rugby for sure. The Argentina rugby union team played its first-ever international test match way back in 1910 against the British Lions; hence it certainly has a long history to tell. The rugby union team is managed by UAR or Union Argentina de Rugby.

Argentina rugby teams

As we have mentioned early that it is not as strong as the football team of the country hence it is not that popular sporting team in the country as well. But in 2007 IRB Rugby Union World Cup when the ‘Pumas’, as they are fondly called, finished 3rd, the popularity of the team along with the sport, Rugby is on the high. Argentina has always produced good and competitive results when they play at their home in Buenos Aires. In past, the Argentina rugby union team has even defeated a few of the Six Nations participant’s teams as well.

The Argentina rugby union team is a regular participant in the competition played between the rugby union teams from the Southern Hemisphere. All in all, one can probably say that Argentina rugby is here to stay and not only that one can also expect them to improve on whatever they have performed as of now and become a force in the rugby world so that the world of rugby looks more interesting.

List of Coaches of Argentina Rugby Union Team

  • 1932: Edmundo Cundo Stanfield
  • 1936: Luis Cilley, Edmundo Stanfield and C. Huntley Robertson.
  • 1954: Juan C. Wells.
  • 1956: Dermot Cavanagh and Horacio Savino.
  • 1959: Jorge Merelle.
  • 1960: Robert Galarga.
  • 1960: Saturnino Racimo.
  • 1965: Izaak Van Heerden, Alberto Camardón and Ángel Guastella.
  • 1965–66: Alberto Camardón and Ángel Guastella.
  • 1967–70: Alberto Camardón, Ángel Guastella and Jorge Merelle.
  • 1971: Ángel Guastella and Eduardo Poggi.
  • 1972–73: Ángel Guastella, Eduardo Poggi and Oscar Martínez Basante.
  • 1974: Carlos Villegas, Emilio Perasso and Jorge Merelle.
  • 1975: Eduardo Poggi and Eduardo Scahrenberg.
  • 1976–77: Carlos Villegas and Emilio Perasso.
  • 1978: Ángel Guastella, Aitor Otaño and José L. Imhoff.
  • 1979–80: Luis Gradín and Aitor Otaño.
  • 1981–83: Rodolfo O’Reilly.
  • 1984: Héctor Silva and Aitor Otaño.
  • 1985–86: Héctor Silva, Aitor Otaño and Ángel Guastella.
  • 1987: Héctor Silva and Ángel Guastella.
  • 1988–90: Rodolfo O’Reilly and Raúl Sanz.
  • 1990–91: Luis Gradín and Guillermo Lamarca.
  • 1992: Luis Gradín and John Hart.
  • 1993–94: Héctor Méndez and José J. Fernández.
  • 1995: Alejandro Petra and Ricardo Paganini.
  • 1995: Alejandro Petra and Emilio Perasso.
  • 1996: José Luis Imhoff, José J. Fernández, Héctor Méndez and Alex Wyllie.
  • 1997: José Luis Imhoff, Héctor Méndez and Alex Wyllie.
  • 1998: José Luis Imhoff and Alex Wyllie.
  • 1999: José Luis Imhoff and Alex Wyllie, next Héctor Méndez and Wyllie, next Wyllie alone.
  • 2000–2007 : Marcelo Loffreda and Daniel Baetti.
  • 2008–13: Santiago Phelan and Fabián Turnes
  • 2013–18: Daniel Hourcade
  • 2018–:Mario Ledesma
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