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All about Brasileiro – Brazil’s Premier Football League

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Although the full name of the competition is ‘The Compeonato Brasileiro Serie A. But this competition is popularly known as Brasileiro. It is a premier football league of Brasil and it has been established in 1959. Let us know more about Brasileiro in this article.

All about Brasileiro – Brazil’s Premier Football League


Basic Details about Brasileiro

Country: Brazil

Established on: 23rd August, 1959

Associated with: CONMEBOL federation

Number of Participating Teams: 20

Number of Winners: 1

Relegation: Compeonato Brasileiro Serie B

Domestic Tournament: Copa do Brasil

International Tournaments Participation: Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana

Current Champions: Cruzeiro (4th title)

Most Number of Titles: Santos and Palmeiras (8 each)

Official Boradcasters: Premier FC, Rede Globo, Rede Bandeirantes, SporTV, Fox Sports (Delayed Telecast) and ESPN Brasil (Highlights Only)

Official Website:

More about Brasileiro Serie A

The Brasileiro Seirie A has been sponsored by Cheverolet hence the company name is also attached with the competition name. Brasileiro is the premier football league competition, competed between top 20 Brazilian football clubs with a Brazilian football league system. The competition is organized by the Brazilian Football Confederation and it is attached with CONMEBOL, the South American football association.

Normally the season of Brasileiro is played between May to December every year. There are 38 matches played by each team. Each team in the competition play against every other team twice on home and away basis. This means that there are whopping 380 matches played during a season. The league rounds of the Brasileiro are generally played during Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.

Because of the large size of Brazil the Brasileiro competition doesn’t have a long history like some of the European football leagues. It was started in 1959 because the civil aviation and the air transport needed to appoint a Brazilian representative who could go and attend the first edition of Copa Libertadores in the year 1960. Taca Brasil was the first ever such tournament started and Compeonato Paulista and Compeonato Carioca were the biggest tournaments used to get organized in the country.

But one has to admit that since its establishment the Brasileiro tournament has increased in leaps and bounces. Today Brasileiro Cheverolet is considered to be one of the strongest football leagues of the world. The teams in Brasileiro have won most number of club world championships. Not only that they have won the most number of Copa Libertadores titles as well. It is the 6th most valuable sports league in the world and one of the most richest championship also. Not only this, Brasileiro is televised in 155 nations worldwide!

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