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All You Want to Know about Kite Surfing

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Kite Surfing is one of the mixed adventure sports in which two or more adventure sports are involved. In Kite Surfing, paragliding and surfing are mixed so that the performer can enjoy it with double excitement. Let us know some of the details about Kite Surfing in this article.

Information About Kite Surfing

All You Want to Know about Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing is a surface water sport that combines the aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, surfing, and gymnastics into one adventure sport. A kiteboarder or a kite surfer tights up the power of the wind with his or her power kite which enables him or her to propel across the water on a kite board which is the same as a wakeboard or a small surfboard with or without foot straps or bindings.

Kite Surfing is also known as wave riding. Standard surfboards or boards shaped specifically for kite surfing are used by kite surfers.

Different Types Of Kite Surfing

  • free ride
  • freestyle
  • down winders
  • speed
  • wake style
  • course racing
  • kite surfing
  • jumping

There are two Kite Surfing associations that are recognized, they are ISAF (International Sailing Federation) and IKA (International Kiteboarding Association). As per these two associations, there are about 1.5 million kite surfers across the world and the global market for Kite surfing is around US$250 million. The original date of Kite Surfing takes us back to the early years of 1900. But gradually it got popular among adventure sport lovers. There are many Kite Surfing events are held across the world. Not only that the 2016 Rio Olympics will also have Kite Surfing as a sport. Kite Surfing will replace Wind Surfing, this was decided in 2012 by IOC. Although Kite Surface will remain the nonmedal event at the Olympics till 2020.

There are many record makers and breakers in Kite Surfing. A few of the prominent names among them are….

  • Sebastien Cattelan
  • Alex Caizergues
  • Andreas Bringdal
  • Antoine Albeau
  • Rob Douglas
  • Kirsty Jones
  • Raphael Selles
  • Marc Blanc
  • Sylvain Maureen
  • Eric Gramond
  • Natalie Clarke
  • Philip Midler
  • Bruno Sroka
  • Francisco Lufinha

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