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When you find time for yourselves then why you want to waste it simply by planning for some boring occasions. It is the correct time for you to plan something new as well as different and start enjoying. For finding them you can search and pick up the best place as like Woodbridge Trampoline Park.

  • It is the place where you all would have a chance to change as like a kid and start enjoying your life.
  • Here you can able to conduct the different type of games and start enjoying with your friends.
  • You can able to stay fit by playing the trampoline and get the massive result in your health.
  • It is the best places where you can able to conduct different types of live events and parties and start enjoying over there.

It is happening now in your Woodbridge and you can able to enjoy the show at different times and fix them based on your wish.

  • The toddler time would be 10 to 1 and for that, you have to pay $13 and the time would be extended on Sunday.
  • There is also a spike summer special and here you can able to get up to 3 hours jump passes and have a drink for $25.
  • The exciting family bonus credits would be 24 / 7, $55 that too for a family 4. It can contain 2 adults and 2 kids or 1 adult with 3 kids.
  • You can able to have a rocking experience at the Friday night frenzy.
  • It is the time for you to enjoy the teen night and date night for the sensory Sunday over there.

When you have got your tickets then there is a need for the waiver only then you would be permitted to jump and have fun over there. If you are younger than 18 then there is a need for the waiver signed by your parents or guardian.


Where can you buy your pass?

When you already got your ticket you can pack up all your things for starting to enjoy at Woodbridge Trampoline Park. If not then you can book right now with the help of online when you login to it you would find out a place for you to do your registration over there.

  • When you click on buy a pass it will direct you to the page where you can able to check out all the ticket cost and other things in detail.
  • You can go through them one by one and discuss and fix up anyone that you really like.
  • Before choosing them there is a need for you to find which day you and your friends would be free only based on that you can book your pass.

As well there is also a need for you to check out the parties list and book anyone that you really like. Every party that you select would have a combo pack that would include a lot of inbuilt features through picking up from that you can really able to have lots of fun and enjoyments over there. The lists of features that you may get from the Woodbridge Trampoline Park are as follows

  • The party time that you conduct can be 2 full hours where there won’t be anyone to come and stop your enjoyments.
  • You can have the full access to your whole park and form a different group and conduct the different events.
  • There you can able to find out the bottled water for your every jumper for that you would be provided up with your own jumping socks.
  • You can able to easily reserve a table for you and enjoy your party over there in the host.
  • They would even take care of the full service set up till the cleanup process.
  • When you need then you can fix up the cheese pizza and this would be optional.

How can you customize your party plan?

Before organizing the Woodbridge trampoline park you have to customize your party with the 10 jumpers, 20 jumpers. You can able to book up with no food or with food as well as the mode of the party would be trampoline party or your private room. There you can able to get a room for your 10 guests after checking out all it would be your time for you to select and plan your trip.

What are the games and activities should be conducted?

The Woodbridge Trampoline Park is the place where you can able to play the game along with you then to compete with your friends and do exercise and build your body.

  • It is the place where you can able to have a lot of adventure and have fun.
  • Here you can able to join in a game, start a team and to bring up the heat from the air.
  • You can able to get a maximum air time and land up into a giant pit of foam.
  • Here you can able to launch off your pro level trampolines and practice your own park our on the walls.
  • It is the time for you to swing as like a circles acrobat over a giant pit of foam.

Who can able to actually jump?

  • Every person who jumps in the trampolines must first provide for valid signed altitude trampoline park water.
  • The person who is under 18 should have a waiver signed by their own parents or their legal guardian.
  • No one who had used the drug or alcohol had been permitted on your trampolines because for security issues they are restricted to enter the party hall.
  • As well the pregnant ladies are not allowed to jump into it because they would have the health issues.

Tips for you to jump:

  • You must jump with your ability and you should not sit on that.
  • You are not permitted to touch or lean on it, whenever you jump and land only make use of the two feet and never jump on the land on the padding.
  • Don’t try to double balance it and when you fall you must know to balance your body at all times.


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