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Sidelights – ICC World T20 | Netherlands Vs United Arab Emirates

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Sylhut stadium has a history of producing high scoring games. In the first game of the day Zimbabwe felt that they were 20 runs too light when they were beaten by Ireland on the very last ball of the game. United Arab Emirates would also like to get more 20 runs to put any pressure on the Dutch. May be it is because all four teams are minnows in their own rights and that is why they couldn’t hit the final punch while batting first on this high scoring pitch. Let us check out the important details about the game.

ICC World T20 | First Round – Match 4 | Netherlands Vs United Arab Emirates

Tom Cooper took the game away from UAE in ICC World T20

Venue: Sylhet Stadium, Sylhet

Toss:United Arab Emirates who chose to bat first

Playing XIs

United Arab Emirates: Amjad Ali, Faizan Asif, Khurram Khan, Swapnil Patil, Shaiman Anwar, Rohan Mustafa, Amjad Javed, Vikrant Shetty, Shadeep Silva, Kamran Shazad, Manjula Guruge

Netherlands: Stephen Myburgh, Michael Swart, Wesley Barresi, Tom Cooper, Peter Borren, Ben Cooper, Logan van Beek, Mudassar Bukhari Timm van der Gugten, Pieter Seelaar, MAA Jamil

Mini Score Card:

United Arab Emirates 151 – all out (19.5) – Shaiman Anwar 32 (19) | MAA Jamil 3/16 (3.5)

Netherlands 152/4 (18.5) – Stephen Myburgh 55 (36) | Kamran Shazad 2/19 (4)

Result:Netherlands won by 6 wickets

Points:Netherlands 2, United Arab Emirates 0

Man of the match: Tom Cooper (Netherlands)

Umpires: Billy Bowden (New Zealand) | Ian Gould (England) | Marais Erasmus (3rd– South Africa) | Steve Davis (Reserve-Australia)

Match Referee: David Boon (Australia)

How they played the game

First 50 runs: United Arab Emirates 44 balls | Netherlands 28 balls

First 100 runs: United Arab Emirates 78 balls | Netherlands 64 balls

150 runs: United Arab Emirates 115 balls | Netherlands 113 balls

Best Partnership

United Arab Emirates – 3rd wicket | 67 runs off 52 balls | Contributors: Khurram Khan 31 (24) and Swapnil Patil 23(28)

Netherlands – 1st wicket | 69 runs off 40 balls | Contributors: Stephen Myburgh 41 (24) and Michael Swart 26 (16)


United Arab Emirates 14 Fours (Shaiman Anwar and Faizan Asif – 4, Rohan Mustafa and Swapnil Patil – 2, Amjad Ali and Vikrant Shetty 1) | 2 SIXES (Faizan Asif and Shaiman Anwar – 1)

Netherlands 16 Fours (Stephen Myburgh – 7, Tom Cooper – 4, Michael Swart – 3, Wesley Barresi and Ben Cooper – 1) | 4 SIXES (Stephen Myburg 2, Michael Swart, Wesley Barresi and Tom Cooper – 1)

Important facts about the match

  • T20I Debuts for LV van Beek (Netherlands), Amjad Ali, Amjad Javed, Faizan Asif, AM Guruge, Kamran Shazad, Khurram Khan, SP Patil, Rohan Mustafa, Shaiman Anwar , V Shetty and EHSN Silva (United Arab Emirates)
  • Twenty20 Debuts for Faizan Asif and V Shetty (United Arab Emirates)
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