Saturday, March 18, 2023

When Club Ten Wirral Got Out For Just 3 Runs

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What will you feel when an entire cricket team gets out of 3 runs and only one batsman could score? Well, you will say ‘unbelievable’ but that is what happened in a club game just recently between Ten Wirral Cricket Club and Haslington in a Cheshire League Division III match. Well, if you still do not believe us then here is the score card for you as a proof of what we are saying.

Ten Wirral

Batting first the Haslington Club scored 108 runs and chasing that score the Ten Wirral Cricket Team got all out for just 3 runs. The funniest part of the scorecard is that out of those 3 runs, 2 runs were scored by virtue of leg byes!! Normally in a cricket match you expect the top order to score runs and only a top order batsman scoring the highest number of runs, but in this score of 3 runs made by the entire team the number eleven batsmen scored the highest score which is obviously 1 run. This ‘distinction’ was earned by Connor Hobson the number eleven batsman of the Ten Wirral Cricket Team. The rest of the 10 batsmen got out of the series of ducks!

Two bowlers from the Haslington Club created this havoc in the Ten Wirral ranks. These bowlers were Ben Istead claimed six wickets where as the other bowler Tom Gledhill claimed the remaining four wickets.

You must be wondering is this the worst performance by any cricket team at any level of the game? Well,  you are in for a surprise because getting out for 3 runs is still not the worst performance by any means in the game of cricket. IN the year 1913 Somerset Club Longport got all out for zero against Glastonbury.

The lowest score in a first class game was made by The B’s which is 6 against England team in 1810 at Lord’s and the lowest total in a test match is 26 registered by New Zealand against England in 1955.

About the game in the discussion Matt Garrett told the BBC that he went in to the changing room when the score of 0 for 3 and when I came out of it I was told to go and bat as 7 wickets were already fallen. Garrett came to the crease when the score was 0/7.

The Ten Wirral Cricket Club later tweeted that, “1st XI lost by 105 runs todaySadly the opposition only scored 108!” The club also requested former English test players like Andrew Flintoff, Michael Vaughan, David Lloyd and Phil Tufnell for some coaching by adding the hashtag #weneedit.

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