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Here are the Top Goal Scorers in World Cups

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These are the players who are topping the list of the most number of goal scorers in the history of the FIFA World Cups ever.

No.1 Ronaldo – 15 Goals

He was the unstoppable force for the Brazilians for over a decade, often being called the ‘hitman’ of Brazil, Ronaldo had the ability to tear apart any defense which was offered to him and had the knack to score goals at an important time and when his team needed him the most. Even after his retirement few years back Ronaldo still remains the top scorer in the history of Football World Cups

No. 2 Miroslav Klose – 14 Goals

He is Germany’s most abundant goal scorer of late and he is just one goal behind the top scorer Ronaldo. With the Brazil 2014 in his sight he is sure to overtake the Brazilian all hero in his own backyard. He had an amazing debut when he scored a Hattrick against Saudi Arabia in a tournament in Korea/Japan.

No. 3 Gerd Muller – 14 Goals

Gerd Muller, once upon a time not only was a top scorer in the World Cups, but was also the leading goal scorer in a calendar year and both of his records were broken by two of the most special footballers of our times, Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Muller had scored 85 goals in one year. He will be happy that the top scoring title in all World Cups will be soon regained by his countryman Miroslav Klose.

No. 4 Just Fontaine – 13 Goals

Just Fontaine was regarded one of the best goal scorers and lethal strikers around the decade of 1950s. His 13 goal World Cup record is really unique. All these 13 goals were scored in a single world cup in Sweden in 1958! He had been a regular in the French football team and also in the clubs for which he played for.

No.5 Pele – 12 goals

This man needs no introduction. Apart from scoring 12 world cup goals, Pele has been respected by one and everyone for leading one of the strongest Brazil team the world has ever seen. He had the typical Brazilian way to play soccer with utmost integrity towards the game mixed with the jovial nature.

No.6 Jurgen Klinsmann – 11 Goals

Klinsmann is the third on the list of the most matches played for Germany which is 108. Klinsmann had also scored 47 goals in all for his country. Known for his notorious nature he had also helped the Germans to reach the 2006 finals at home.

No. 7 Ksandor Kocsis – 11 Goals

Ksandor Kocsis is a Hungarian football legend who was part of the 1950s side which used to be called the Mighty Magyars. Scoring 11 goals in the 1954 world cup, Ksandor Kocisis had also scored two hat tricks during that world cup. He opted for management after hanging his boots, but died due to leukemia and stomach cancer at the age of 49.

No.8 Gabriel Batisuta – 10 Goals

Affectionately called Batigol, Gabriel Batistuta was one of the most feared forwards in the world football. He had been the best players Argentina has ever produced. With his signature long hairs, he was elegant and graceful on the field. With 10 goals for his country, Batistuta has also scored 56 goals for his country overall.

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