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Here is the List of Own Goals [Self Goal] in FIFA World Cups

Own goals are curse to a football team, but they happen. We can dare say that most of the own goals are done unknowingly. An own goal in itself is a bad football and if it happens in a club game or in a friendly, well the fans may swallow a bitter pill, but what if it happens in a grand competition like FIFA World Cup? Well, if that is the case, then fans may not forgive their team so easily right? But own goals too have a history of occurring regularly in FIFA World Cups as well and we have already witnessed 3 own goals already in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Here are some of the notable own goals in the history of FIFA World Cup till now.

  • First ever own goal in the history of FIFA World Cup was by Manuel Rosas for Mexico against Chile in 1930.
  • Fastest own goal was done by Sead Kolasinac which was done against Argentina for Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014 FIFA World Cup.
  • Jimmy Dickinson’s  own goal against Belgium in 1954 is the only own goal during extra time which was done in the 94th minute of the game. It was also an own goal from a kick-off.
  • Only own goal in an inaugural world cup match and that too as a first ever goal of the tournament was by Marcelo Vieira of Brazil against Croatia in FIFA World Cup 2014.
  • Only own goal to decide a match result was by Carlos Gamarra of Paraguay against England in 2006.
  • Most own goals in a single tournament were in 1998 World Cup as there were 6 own goals in that tournament.
  • Bulgaria, Mexico and Spain have dubious records of scoring most number of own goals in World Cups. The number stays at 3 and Bulgaria have scored all 3 in a single tournament in 1966.
  • Germany and Italy are the luckiest teams as they have received 4 own goals in their favor till now.
  • Few other own goal occasions
    • USA Vs Portugal – Jorge Costa (Portugal) and Jeff Agoos (USA) in 2002. (2 own goals in a single match)
    • Ernie Brandts (Netherlands Vs Italy) and Berti Vogts (West Germany Vs Australia) scored own goals on the same date, i.e. 21st June 1978.
    • Tom Boyd (Scotland Vs Brazil) and Youssef Chippo (Morocco Vs Norway) scored own goals on the same date, i.e. 10th June, 1998.
    • Noel Valladares (Honduras Vs France) and Sead Kolasinac (Bosnia Herzegovina Vs Argentina) scored own goals on the same date i.e. 15th June 2014.
  • Ernie Brandts of Italy is the only player who has scored an own goal and also a goal for its team in a single match. This happened in a game in 1978 against the Netherlands, which Netherlands won by 2-1.
  • Trinidad and Tobago is the only team in the history of FIFA World Cup, which has scored more own goals than regular goals. The score line is 1-0 in favor of own goals.
  • The first ever own goal awarded via goal-line technology was by Noel Valladares of Honduras against France in FIFA World Cup 2014.


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