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All the Info about Swim Wears

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We have now information about what actually swimming is and now we are going to have all the info about swim wears, which is the most important part for any competitive swimmer, either male or female. These are some of the important swim wears which are used by both males and females.

Information About Swim Wears

All the Info about Swim Wears


The swimsuit allows the player’s skin for modesty purpose only. The swimwear actually helps the swimmer to improve the speed which a human skin can not do. The polyurethane swim suits were banned by the FINA in the year 2009 as they were giving undue advantage to the swimmers.

Swimming Cap

The swimming cap helps the swimmer to hold the hairs and also helps to reduce the drag. The caps made out of lycra, spandex, latex and silicone are allowed in the competitive swimming.

Swimming Goggles

These are specially made goggles for the swimmers which helps the water and chlorine out of the swimmer’s eyes. It also helps to combat with the glare coming out of the pool lights. Prescribed goggles are allowed to be used for the swimmers who wear contact lenses.

Swimming Fins

Although it is banned but swimming fins help the swimmer to kick faster, it also helps to improve the technique because it keeps the feet in the proper position while kicking.

Drag Suit

Some swimmers use drag suit to increase their resistance power against the water.

Swimming Paddles

This equipment helps the swimmers to have an extra strength on their arms and shoulders. These paddles are also known as hand paddles and they are made of rubber tubing or elastics. They come in different size and shapes as per the preference of a swimmer.


Not used during the competition, but the Kickboards help the swimmers to build leg muscles while training. Some swimmers use it to support the upper body as well.

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Pull buoy

Just like paddles help the arms and shoulders the pull buoys support the swimmer’s legs which prevents them from kicking. These pull buoys are made out of foam so they float while the swimmer is in the water. Swimmer wears them between the thighs.

Ankle Bands

This is equipment which helps swimmers to take the kicking out of the system. Apart from this Ankle Bands also help to support the balance of the swimmer.


It is a plastic device which helps the swimmer to breathe easily while he is swimming. It also  helps the swimmer while practicing to keep his/her head in one position.

Tempo Trainer

A clock which is attached with swimmers’ cap or goggles helps them to maintain a certain tempo created by their arms or a speed. It also beeps and once the beep is heard the swimmers take the next stroke.


Zoomers are made out of fins and it helps the swimmer to kick faster but then they have to work extra hard at the

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