Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Know All the Important Facts about Basketball

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Do you love the game of Basketball? And you still are not aware of a few of the most important facts about the game you love? Well, here we are with some of the most important facts about Basketball.

Important Facts about Basketball:

  1. Basketball was invented in the year 1891 by the Canadian – American Sports coach at the YMCA in the Springfield, Massachusetts, James Naismith when he was asked to come up with a winter sport to keep the sportsmen fit.
  2. Few of the sports researchers have claimed that James Naismith had invented a game in which the ball had to be passed and rolled on the ground before throwing it into a basket.
  3. The first time the throwing the ball in the air and not rolling on the floor was started by Lambert. G. Will who was the director of YMCA at Herkimer in New York.
  4. The first ever baskets were just peach baskets called ‘hoops’ and the first backboards were made of the wires.
  5. Originally the baskets were closed at the bottom and a ladder was needed to retrieve the ball.
  6. Basketball was first introduced in the Olympic in the 1936 Germany Olympics.
  7. Since its inception in Olympics USA has won 14 Gold Medals, USSR had won 2 Gold Medals and Argentina and Yugoslavia have won 1 Gold medal in Basketball.
  8. In the USA before 1948-49 there were two Basketball Associations, National Basketball League (NBL) and the Basketball Association of America (BAA). They both were merged during that period of time and came out as National Basketball Association (NBA),
  9. Philadelphia’s Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a single game against New York on 2nd March 1962 is the record by a player.
  10. Basketball is a national sport in Lithuania and Georgia where in Latvia it is a summer national sports and ice hockey is the winter national sport.
  11. There was no 3-point system in Basketball before the 1979-80 season of the NBA.
  12. Chicago Bulls hold the record of winning all the six NBA Finals in which the have appeared.
  13. The legendary Basketball Player Michael Jordan, who made his return in 2001 after retiring in the year 1999 scored more points (5, 987) than any other player in the playoffs of the NBA.
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