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Player Profile – Steven Gerrard

This is the player profile of Steven Gerrard the England and Liverpool football player.

Basic Details about Steven Gerrard

Full Name: Steven George Gerrard

Date of Birth: 30th May 1980

Place of Birth: Whiston, Mersyside, England

Height: 1.83 m (6 ft)

Professional Details about Steven Gerrard

Youth Career: 1987 – 1998 – Liverpool

Senior Career: Liverpool, since 1998

National Team: England U21 – 1999 – 2000 | England 2000 – 2014

Early and Personal Life of Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard started football for the first time with Whiston Juniors team, which was his home team. He was then noticed by the Liverpool scouts and later he joined the Liverpool Academy when he was nine. He played for the England’s schoolboys’ team as well. Turning pro was not easy for Steven Gerrard he went for trials including for Manchester United and Liverpool but finally on 5th November, he signed his first ever professional contract with Liverpool. Steven Gerrard is married to Alex Curran.

Professional Career of Steven Gerrard

As mentioned above going pro was not easy for Steven Gerrard but he couldn’t refuse the contract offered by Liverpool and since then he is playing for Liverpool only. Steven Gerrard is currently the captain of Liverpool who plays in the English Premier League. Steven Gerrard is generally found in the central midfielder but he is often used as a second striker, holding midfielder, right winger and right back.

Since his debut in 1998, Steven Gerrard is an integral part of the Liverpool team and in 2003 he replaced Sami Hyypia as their captain as well. Under the captaincy Liverpool has won two FA Cups, Three League Cups, One UEFA Champions League, one UEFA Cup and two UEFA Super Cups as well.

Steven Gerrard made his international debut for the English football team in 2000 and was part of 2000. 2004 and 2014 UEFA European Football Championships and also represented England in the FIFA World Cups of 2006, 2010 and 2014. Steven Gerrard was honored with the UEFA Club Footballer of the Year and Ballon d’Or Bronze Award in the year 2005 as well. He was part of the PFA Team of the Year for the record 8 years. After England’s dismal performance at the FIFA World Cup 2014, Steven Gerrard retired from the international football but still plays for his club Liverpool.

Endorsements by Steven Gerrard

  • Adidas
  • Jaguar Cars
  • Xbox One
  • Lucozade
  • Nitrocharge 1.0


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