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All about Longboarding you want to Know

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Sportycious always brings you different kind of adventure sports to you. Today its turn of Longboarding. Longboarding, one of the adventure sports which is played with the help of skateboard. The sport has more traction, durability and stability because of the larger wheel sixe and lower durometers of wheels. But mind you, not all longboards use axels which have different geometric parameters. These variations have helped to bring variety of disciplines, functions and also different purpose for longboards. The latest longboards come with different angels which help the players to turn in a better way and also help them to drive long distances on the streets than the regular skateboards.

All about Longboarding you want to know

History of Longboarding

It all started in 1970s when a small group of lonboard players came up with their skills. In 1978 Tom sims and Brad Stradlund wrote an article in Skateboard magazine on Longboard titled, ‘Cult of the Longboard’. They expressed their own experiences in it and how they were inspired by long boarding. During the 1990s Sector 9 the company who manufactures different kind of skateboards started manufacturing longboards as well.  Slowly the latest technologies were also inserted in those longboards and they used to get updated regularly.

All about Longboarding you want to Know

The Longboards

The longboards are made as per the likes and dislikes of longboard riders. But there is one rider, which is that any longboard can not be longer than the rider’s height. The most popular longboards have 32 to 60 inches length. Each longboard comes with a larger and softer wheel which allows the riders to have a smoother and faster ride. Although it also depends on the durometer of the wheels that are used, to slower its speed.

Usage of Longboarding

The main usage of Longboarding is to travel. The different designs, shapes allow the longboard to have a smooth ride even in a long distance. Some of the Longboard riders prefers 24 to 35 inches boards which allow them to have a long commute.

Apart from this Slalom, Freeride, Downhill, Dancing, Cruising and Travel are other variations of Longboarding. Tucking, Braking, Land Paddling Sliding, Foot Braking, Carving, Pumping, Train, Drafit etc are the different skills of Longboarding.

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