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4 Mental Health Benefits From Golfing

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We often hear a lot about the health benefits of certain sports and golf is among them. There is a lot to love about the game of golf from a health standpoint as long as you are walking the course and not driving a cart.

No matter where you live, there is surely a golf course nearby that you can take advantage of and have a fun day while you also keep yourself in good health. There is another huge benefit to golf that gets less attention. And that is the fact that it is also good for our mental health. 

If you’re not already a golfer, and simply looking into it, then this will hopefully help push you off the fence to give it a try. Taking lessons from Grumpy Gopher or other pros will help you enjoy the game much more than trying to learn it on your own. 

In this article, I will go over the other side of golf that helps keep us sane and in a good place mentally. 

Mental Health Benefits From Golfing

1 – Plenty of fresh air

Although too much sun is not good for us, we do need to be outside and get our Vitamin D. Since a round of golf can take up to three hours, it is an ideal way to get the recommended dose.

Besides that, the fresh air, sunlight and green space around does wonders to reduce stress. Just walking around the course is enough to lower your blood pressure and even aid in your digestion. 

2 – Improves concentration

The brain is like a muscle. You either use it or lose it. And as we age, it can be harder to keep our mental acuity. 

When you have to problem solve and concentrate on a goal it keeps the mind sharp. And a sharp mind reduces the chances of dementia later on. Seeing as how many people golf later in life, this is a good way to make sure that your twilight years are spent in happiness. 

Older adults that are active in general are less likely to have depression and anxiety due to the fact that their mind is being used.

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3 – Increased self esteem

Seeing your scores drop over time and your handicap rise is a great way to feel good about yourself. You put the time in to get better and you can see the results. 

When you increase your self esteem through performing well, it has a dramatic effect in many other areas of your life due to the increase in your mental well being. For instance, your confidence boost can have you doing better at work and even take on challenges you wouldn’t have considered earlier. 

4 – More social life

There is no such thing as a solo golfer. Even if your friends don’t play, you will be matched with others to make a foursome. Golf clubs don’t want the course tied up with singles so they put you with other people. Even if you don’t make any new friends, you will have the chance to socialize and meet new people on a regular basis. 
And socializing is a proven way to ward off depression and anxiety.

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