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The Millennium Stadium – The Home of Wales Rugby Union Team

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The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales is considered to be one of the most beautiful sports stadiums in the world currently. It is also the home of the Wales Rugby Union team. Let us have the details about the Millennium Stadium.

The Millennium Stadium – The Home of Wales Rugby Union Team

The Millennium Stadium – The Home of Wales Rugby Union Team

Name: The Millennium Stadium

Address: Westgate Street, Cardiff, Wales

Nearest Public Transit Point: Cardiff Central Railway Station

Owner and Operator: Welsh Rugby Union

Opened on: 26th June 1999

Surface: Grass (From 1999 to 2014) | Desso (From 2014)

Capacity: 74, 500 fans

Total Construction Cost: GPB 121 million

Architects: Bligh Lobb Sports Architecture and WS Atkins

Hosts: Welsh Rugby Union Team and the Football Association of Wales

Background behind Building of New Rugby Stadium in Wales

Till 1969 the Wales rugby union team and the Cardiff RFC used to play their home games on Cardiff Arms Park but then in 1969-70 season there was an agreement between the Cardiff Athletic Club and the WRU and as per the agreement there was a need of a National Stadium desired. The former Arms Park Stadium was restructured as the National Stadium, but in 1994 another redevelopment committee was set up and in 1995 Wales was chosen as the hosts for the 1999 IRB Rugby World Cup.

The Millennium Stadium – The Home of Wales Rugby Union TeamThe National Stadium was having a capacity of only 53, 000 against the capacity of Twickenham, which was 75, 000 and Scotland’s Murrayfield Stadium’s capacity of 67, 000 fans. Plus the National Stadium was surrounded by big commercial buildings as well. Hence a new land was purchased alongside the River Taff which was on the west side of the National Stadium and then the construction for the Millennium Stadium started.

The Millennium Stadium has replaced all the rugby union activities which were previously hosted by the Arms Park Stadium and then National Stadium. This new stadium has now the capacity to accommodate 74, 500 supporters. The Millennium Stadium also has a retractable roof, which makes it only the such stadium in Europe and the largest one if you consider it as a football stadium as well, as the Wales football team is also one of the tenants of the Millennium Stadium.

With all the modern facilities and looks, the Millennium Stadium is always considered as one of the most beautiful stadiums of the world today. It has hosted not only the IRB Rugby World Cup finals in 1999 but has also hosted the Heineken Cup Final 5 times, the FA Cup Finals 6 times and League Cup Finals 7 times!

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