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Top 10 Fastest Knockouts In UFC History

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According to you…

What do you think are the biggest highlights of MMA bouts?

They are nothing, but knockouts!

In the long history of UFC, people have seen several knockouts. But there are some fights where some of them stand out from the others. To your surprise, most of your beloved UFC fights do have a knockout incident. If you’re looking forward to the fastest UFC knockout, then, here we bring you a list of the fastest knockouts in UFC history.

So what are you waiting for? Read on to know more about it. 

Fastest Knockouts In UFC

10. Gray Maynard

So, we’re starting the list with one of the fastest UFC knockouts in the history of UFC matches. It is none other than the match between Gray Maynard vs Joe Veres. At this time, Maynard was very new to the world of UFC. 

Top 10 Fastest Knockouts In UFC History

It is the dream of every UFC fighter to finish their rivals with a strong hook, there are only a few who have the ability to do it. Gray Maynard is amongst those people who have ended the fight within the first ten seconds of the first round.

Maynard managed to welcome Joe Veres by knocking him out in just 9 seconds after the first bell. The fight was stopped at 4:51 into the first round. At that point, he was well known as an American mixed martial artist who was a total powerhouse. 

9. Makwan Amirkhani 

Amirkhani is quite famous for putting up a stellar performance on his UFC debut after stopping Andy Ogle in a whopping eight seconds. Back then, he was much of a submissive player, but in this particular match with Andy Ogle, everything just changed. Even his MMA fans were quite amused after witnessing this. 

Fastest Knockouts In UFC

This was the first fight in 2025 that Amirkhani finished with strikes. This match made all his critics shut up for good. As he jolted Ogle with a Masvidal-like flying knee, he confused the referee with his rival and grabbed onto the official’s legs.

This particular match against Ogle took Amirkhani to drop the UFC veteran. Well,  it only took a few more strikes in the ground before the referee stepped in. Ogle decided it was time for him to end the match.

8. Leon Edwards

Edwards is widely known and recognized in the welterweight division. The reason behind this is nothing but the impact he made in his early days in the UFC. Edwards only took eight seconds to get his spot on the top tables. There was a time when he was looking for ways to boost up his UFC career with an emphatic win. Well, he did get this with The Polish Pistola’s inattentiveness in the match.

Top 10 Fastest Knockouts In UFC History

In the fight of Leon Edwards vs Seth Baczynski, the British fighter was trying his best to put pressure on Edwards. He did try some tricks on him to pin him down. But, just after Trongs’ left-handed strike for Edwards, Baczynski lost his ground and hit the floor. He then struck two more blows and there Baczynski was seen on the ground. He was also awarded as the lucrative performer of the Night bonus for clinching the victory sublimely.

7. James Irvin

Another fastest UFC knockout goes to none other than James Irvin. After knocking out a heavyweight juggernaut within eight seconds of the first round, all he did was say – Bang, Bang, Bang! Irvin landed a strong punch on the face of Houston Alexander at UFC Fight Night in April 2008.

Top 10 Fastest Knockouts In UFC History

In the starting phase of the match, Alexander was seen to be a bit sluggish. This is where the opponent took over him and threw out a lackluster jab that was responded to by a jolting Superman punch to his jaw.

6. Don Frye

The fight between Don Frye and Thomas Ramirez is considered to be the fastest UFC knockout in 1996. Talking about the fight, Ramirez was known as the KO artist. Just after some time in the fight, Ramirez was hit by a right hand by Frye which would knock him out 8 seconds after the fight started. 

Fastest Knockouts In UFC

5. Ryan Jimmo

Back in 201, Jimmo made his debut in the world of UFC as he knocked out Anthony Perosh only seven seconds into the fight.

Top 10 Fastest Knockouts In UFC History

Talking about the match between Ryan Jimmo vs Anthony Perosh, the Australian veteran was out even before he could get his grip on the match. Jimmo made only two strikes to get a historic win to his name: the first one to TKO Perosh and the second made sure that he doesn’t get back up.

4. Chan Sung Jung

The next on our list of the fastest knockout in UFC history is none other than Chan Sung Jung. It was back in 2011 when the Scotiabank Arena witnessed one of the quickest finishes to a UFC fight. It was a super interesting fight between Chan Sung Jung and Mark Hominick.

Top 10 Fastest Knockouts In UFC History

It only took seven seconds for Jung to knockout Hominick in the first round itself. Talking about the match, in the starting Hominick tried his best to bring Jung down with a left punch. But he did not let this happen and dodged it down well. Post this, he countered it with a right hand and a lot of punches to stop the fight.

3.Todd Duffee

Duffee made his debut in 2003. He was quite ready to match up against the late Tim Hague. Both of them have had a good career, so it was really exciting for their fans to witness a match between them. Duffee took just two seconds to win the match against Hague. This particular match managed to add his name to the list of our fastest UFC knockout. 

Top 10 Fastest Knockouts In UFC History

2. Duane Ludwig

Ludwig got to hit Jonathan’s chin with perfection, this resulted in Jonathan getting knocked out cold in just 6 seconds. It is considered to be the fastest knockout in UFC history. This record was set back in 2006 but it lasted a long long time. 

Fastest Knockouts In UFC

1.  Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal is someone who holds the fastest UFC knockout in any of the divisions of UFC. To your surprise, it just took five seconds for Masvidal to win against Ben Askren with a knee strike.

Fastest Knockouts In UFC

Talking further about the match, as their welterweight bout kicked off, Masvidal almost sprinted towards Askren in an attempt to stop him. But his hands were nowhere near Masvidal. This fight was one of the most hyped up as there was too much trash talking happening among both parties.

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