All about Shooting – the Sport


Pistol and rifle shooting are becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. It is also part of major sporting events of the world. People often get confused with the word shooting, but over here we will learn all about shooting – the sport.

All about Shooting – the Sport

Shooting is a sport which needs accuracy and speed and also concentration. Shooting as a sport doesn’t only mean to shoot targets with different firearms and guns but it also means shooting the target with a bow and arrow as well. Shooting was first introduced in the Olympics in the year 1900 only and then it was removed, but before that shooting became a sport when the National Rifle Association or NRA was established in the United Kingdom in the year 1860. Although this club was to encourage the volunteer rifle corps, but it also got successful in promoting shooting in the Great Britain. By the year 1906 NRA established many such Rifle Clubs across Britain and they used to organize National Matches. Later in the last century NRA traveled to the USA and made the shooting popular even there too. Most recently there is a rise in permitted gun holders in the USA and that has surged the interest in that country about shooting.

Rifle and Pistol Shooting

Rifle and Pistol Shooting are two parts of shooting. A rifle is a firearm and it requires to hands to hold it for the stability and they have longer range than pistols and same goes to the accuracy aspect as well. The distances in the rifle shooting can  vary from 10 to 50 to 300 meters.

Whereas in pistol shooting it has obviously been smaller in size compared to rifles and can be handled by one arm only. They have also have a shorter range for shooting which can be varied from 10 to 25 to 50 meters. One more noticeable thing about pistol shooting is that the pistols which are used in sporting events are different than the normal pistols which are used by cops and you know who in general! The person who hits the center of the target, the term use for it is ‘bullseye’.

The sport has spread across the world now and more and more shooters have emerged from smaller countries too. In the Olympics as well, UK and USA have lost their upper hand in shooting events and shooters from India, China and Japan are making their presence felt by winning more medals.